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Database hysteria exposes the deep hypocrisy of compliant outlets

The Australian media demands we be frightened by Chinese firms doing exactly what Western spy agencies have been doing for years.

Michael Smith (left) and Bill Birtles speak to the media after arriving in Australia (Images: Supplied)

After 50 years, Australia loses its eyes in China as reporters evacuate

With the ABC and Australian Financial Review bringing their China correspondents home, Australia is left without any eyes on the ground.

Only the credulous could accept a contactless account of our economic reality

Reports that consumer spending is back to where it was last year leave out the fact that contactless payments are the new norm.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Neoliberals urge policymakers to take the road to Beijing — putting profits first and national security aside

For neoliberals and big business, sovereignty should be a distant second to maximising economic growth. That's why they're backing China rather than Australia.

Crikey’s biggest scoops: Paddy Manning’s last stand

Revisiting one of Crikey's biggest scoops: the column by Paddy Manning that cost him his job at The Sydney Morning Herald


The media is in hysterics again over house prices

Nine's papers are full of panicked headlines about rising house prices. But is this customary, seasonal spike really worth all the fuss?

(Image: Rooty Hill RSL/Facebook)

A suburban RSL makes it into the AFR’s top 500 companies

With a company that specialises in boxes, a CD store, and a baking brand ranking higher than Football Federation Australia, this year's list is a real Thermomixed bag.

Tax cuts coverage ignored substance, focused on trivia

When it came to covering the most important change in our income tax system for decades, the media focused on political trivia at the expense of hard analysis.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

How the media plays Canberra games instead of serving voters

The parlous state of economic debate in Australia is demonstrated by the lack of interest, or informed analysis, of the Prime Minister's major speech on economic reform.

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