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Topic: ASIS
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Australia is leaving its intelligence officers behind

Crikey readers respond to the case of 'Witness J' and Australia's neglect of its intelligence personnel, while elsewhere readers discuss the dark legacy of Trump mentor Roy Cohn and lament the death of medivac policy.

‘Witness J’ case lifts the veil on failure to support intelligence officials

How much support are intelligence agencies giving their officers? Growing pressures on our intelligence officials may well harm our national security.

Meet the Timor-Leste 12 who could benefit from the Witness K cover-up

The government is desperate to hide its prosecution of Witness K and Bernard Collaery. But who will benefit from a cover-up?

Bernard Collaery. (Image: AAP/Rod Mcguirk)

As politicians frolic, the Witness K scandal unfolds in a crowded courtroom

The greatest intelligence scandal of recent decades continued in a small Canberra court yesterday when Witness K and Bernard Collaery were put on trial. The government wanted to hide it.

Turnbull unveils bill to plant viruses on computer devices

The government has unveiled a bill to enable it to force tech companies to cooperate with its efforts to defeat encryption, including by planting viruses on devices.

Nick Xenophon, Bernard Collaery, Andrew Wilkie

A short and disturbing history of Australia’s spy scandals 

Over and over, the history of intelligence services in Australia is that the only people made to suffer are those who reveal wrongdoing or incompetence.

National security can no longer be a matter of ‘just trust us’

Our national security agencies need to work harder to get information used to underpin decision into the public domain.

Half a billion extra on national security and the government won’t tell us why

The government is treating us with contempt by racking up hundreds of millions of dollars of extra national security spending without debate or transparency.

Keane: no politician has the spine to stand up to Australia’s intelligence state

As the case of Witness K has made clear, if you stand up against Australia's intelligence apparatus you will be crushed, and elected officials will fall in line.

Irvine has no business or financial experience of any kind.

Former spook David Irvine appointed to head up FIRB

Irvine has no business or financial experience of any kind.