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Topic: Arthur Sinodinos
(Images: AAP/Erik Anderson; AAP/Joel Carrett)

The NSW premier, her secret lover — and the anti-corruption body she holds the purse strings for

Gladys Berejiklian had a serious conflict of interest: while the ICAC pleaded for funding from her it was investigating her secret boyfriend.

Dear Arthur, please explain One Nation’s sophistication

We've been struggling to work out how One Nation is more "sophisticated" than it used to be -- so we've asked the man who claimed that it was to please explain.

Labor makes hay, again ... Malcolm Roberts' weird war on the UN ... backhanded compliments ...

Tips and rumours

Labor makes hay, again ... Malcolm Roberts' weird war on the UN ... backhanded compliments ...

Poll Bludger: Barnett’s One Nation deal might have just handed Labor 5 seats

Colin Barnett clearly thinks he can't win the 2017 Western Australian election without One Nation. But can the Liberals win the state with such toxic bedfellows?

Will Turnbull’s legacy be the toxic spread of One Nation?

By encouraging the WA Liberals to negotiate with One Nation, Malcolm Turnbull has departed from the policy set by John Howard, and enabled the metastasis of a political cancer.

Ley replaced with two men with similar scandals

Ley out, Hunt in, and Sinodinos promoted. And just what does George Brandis have to do to get the sack?

Company tax: the Four Rentseekers sing a song of bullshit

Business has come out swinging at critics of the company tax cut -- but its attack is riddled with flaws.

Crikey Campaign Scorecard: footy steals the limelight as super feeds the scrum

WHO WON THE DAY? Bernard Keane, Crikey politics editor: Economic growth numbers handed the government an easy win — although the ghost of superannuation continues to extend its icy hand at the Liberals. When will they exorcise this unholy spectre from beyond the tax-effective estate planning-friendly ostentatious family vault at Waverley cemetery? But given NSW and Queensland were […]

David Leyonhjelm misused parliamentary footage in an ad. What now?

The Senator has been asked to take down his ads featuring footage of Parliament, but he's doubling down instead.

Mayne: senators should reform campaign finance, not just talk about it

Why on Earth can't the federal parties initiate at least some basic campaign finance reforms?

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