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Topic: anti-Semitism
(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

PM facing defamation claim over ‘anti-Semitism’ comment

A man is claiming Scott Morrison defamed him when the PM addressed a section 44 complaint again Josh Frydenberg.

Author and journalist Naomi Wolf (Image: Flickr/Michael Fleshman)

Naomi Wolf’s accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’ exudes mainstream left-wing foolishness

In an era where anti-Semitism is on the rise again, are we overusing the term, and thus stripping it of its impact and meaning?

A far-right protest (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

Australia has normalised Islamophobia. Is anti-Semitism next?

Islamophobia may be more visible in modern Australia, but anti-Semitism is just as deeply entwined with the ideologies of the growing far-right. And it's becoming more common.

Tony Abbott and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest (Image: Hungarian Prime Minister's Press Office/EPA)

Where’s the outrage about conservatives fawning over Hungary’s far-right?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made his name by employing ethnonationalism and anti-Semitism. Where's the outcry about his Australian cheer squad?

Konstantin Khabensky as Trotsky. (Image: Netflix)

Netflix series on Trotsky revives old-school anti-Semitism

While everyone’s worrying about "fake news" on the "unregulated" internet, the world’s new global screen content behemoth is pumping it out to untold millions of homes.

(Image: Larry Pickering)

Why did The Australian soft-pedal Larry Pickering’s anti-Semitism?

The Australian today farewelled the disgusting Larry Pickering — and wholly failed to mention his hatred of Jews.

This global wave of fascism was decades in the making

The election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil has marked a new stage in recent years' rock-slide towards fascism.

FBI Special Agent Bob Jones announces the Tree of Life synagogue attack. (Image Credit: CNN)

US mourns following synagogue attack

Good morning, early birds! Names of the 11 victims of the Tree of Life synagogue attack in Pittsburgh have been released, Kerryn Phelps slams Scott Morrison's "false hope" for Manus Island and Nauru, and a report finds "systemic issues" lead to Cricket Australia's ball tampering scandal. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Corbyn anti-Semitism furore backfires on Tories

A series of attacks on Jeremy Corbyn for being anti-Semitic has drawn out decades of genuine contempt from the right.

The Crikey pocket guide to Australia’s fringe-dwelling far-right groups

Please "enjoy" part one of our catalogue of  the fractious, pitiful and scary parties of the far right in Australia.