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Topic: Andrew Bolt
Kevin Rudd (Image: AAP/Glenn Hunt)

Safe schools, trans rights, Aboriginal flag: News Corp loves a petition stoush except…

Kevin Rudd may have scored 350,000 signatures on his call for a royal commission into News Corp, but that doesn't make it newsworthy in Murdoch's newspapers.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

My JobKeeper’s keeper

Good morning, early birds. New Treasury analysis forecasts that more Victorian businesses will require JobKeeper in the December and March quarters than the rest of Australia combined, and NSW's health department "strongly recommends" commuters wear masks at all times. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Economist Gigi Foster appearing on Q&A (Image: Supplied)

Numbers v humans: a short guide to those picking the former over the latter

Some commentators have been remarkably direct in weighing up human lives against the numbers.

Tips and Murmurs: God forgive Pell … Bolt back at it again … throwing the baby out with the Macbath water

George Pell says the Catholic Church is at greater risk of financial corruption than sexual misconduct, and Andrew Bolt picks a new (old) target. Plus other tips and murmurs from the Crikey bunker.

Peta Credlin (Image: Sky News)

Is racism at Sky a mistake or a business model? Here’s the evidence, you decide

A short history of other racist segments Sky News should apologise for.

Andrew Bolt leaves court in 2011 (Image: AAP/Julian Smith)

Why Andrew Bolt is addicted to vilification

Andrew Bolt's recent, vicious attacks on people of colour suggest he's trying to get back to happier days.

Alan Jones (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

Tips and Murmurs: always be culture warring … parrot droppings … shooting his Bolt

The politicians putting politics over health, campaigning via zoom, and Alan Jones' new(ish) gig.

Andrew Bolt (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

The disturbing secret of the cult of Andrew Bolt

Crikey's letter to Andrew Bolt, after the press council found his columns on Greta Thunberg breached its standards.

Josephine Cashman (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu tendered as evidence in whacko-right conspiracy

Having failed to discredit Dark Emu author Bruce Pascoe's Aboriginality, Josephine Cashman has floated towards some altogether more troubling conspiracies about his ties to the 'deep state'.

Victorian deputy chief health officer Annaliese van Diemen (left) (Image: AAP/Scott Barbour)

The right’s attacks on Victorian health official show their failure and desperation

The attack on Dr van Diemen is a new low in destructive character assassination, driven by bitterness at their own irrelevance.

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