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ACT Liberal leader Alistair Coe (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Poisonous tax reform proves less than fatal yet again in Canberra

Despite being gifted an apparently guaranteed vote-winner, the ACT Liberals have failed again. Maybe land tax isn't the political killer it's made out to be.

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr (AAP Image/David Rowland/Lukas Coch)

The death of populism? Kiwi and ACT elections signal tough times for ‘disruptors’

These two election results show a renewed support for the left. But how much can we really read into it?

The terror of Toy Town

The clash between over-sensitive journalists and Canberra's chief minister reflects a town that is divorced from the tough realities of ordinary Australian life.

A flow chart from the global strategy document sent to staff at the ACT government.

Replacing the entire media with these geniuses sounds like a great idea

Listen. Engage. Make very little sense to the average person.

Razing the Barr: self-serving mainstream media unite against ACT leader

Despite the campaign against him, what Andrew Barr said about mainstream media in this country is, unfortunately, true.

‘I hate journalists’ … are we done with Barnaby yet? … doctors sue ABC journo over Scientology book …

The ACT's chief minister Andrew Barr has taken a swipe at journalists and mainstream media, which The Canberra Time is calling a Trumpian desire "to shape government policy to his personal, long-held enmity".

The linchpin of Andrew Barr’s new government

Andrew Barr's newly re-elected ACT government could end up with a deadlock in the party room, writes Labor insider Ben Chiefly

Poll Bludger: Labor extends winning streak in ACT election

Labor will have been in power for 19 years by the time the next election rolls around.

Relations between the ACT's chief minister Andrew Barr and the Canberra Times are icier than ever.

The Chief Minister v The Canberra Times

Relations between the ACT's chief minister Andrew Barr and the Canberra Times are icier than ever.

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