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Former AMP boss Boe Pahari (Image: Private Media)

Dollars, sense and sexual harassment: when share price is all that matters

The AMP controversy proves it: companies will not remove accused harassers until the share price plummets.

University of Adelaide. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Conflict of Interest: Where does the buck stop in Me Too cases?

Is it enough for leaders to fall on their swords following sexual harassment cases? Or does the shake-up just clear the decks for more ambitious leaders?

Julia Szlakowski and AMP Limited CEO Francesco De Ferrari

A brief history of AMP, where the failings can be measured in billions

AMP has destroyed billions in shareholder wealth over two decades of boardroom and executive incompetence and misconduct. When will the business community stop complaining about everyone else and fix its own problems?

Larissa Baker Cook is taking legal action against AMP for unfair dismissal (Images: AAP/Supplied)

Top lawyer speaks out: AMP’s ‘toxic culture’ silenced and bullied women

Employees are being pressured and silenced under AMP's 'whatever it takes' culture, experts and whistleblowers say.

AMP chief executive officer Francesco De Ferrari (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

AMP saga is proof many companies can’t be trusted to solve their own problems

The problem at AMP was always much bigger than one person. The question now is whether the company is capable of genuine change

AMP chair Debra Hazelton (Image: Supplied)

A good day for women, but so much more to do

From Washington to Pyongyang to AMP, it's been a good 24 hours for female empowerment.

Former AMP Capital CEO Boe Pahari

In the brief history of sexual harassment, the wheel just turned a notch

Perpetrators of sexual harassment — and their previously immune enablers — may be starting to see actual consequences.

New AMP chair Debra Hazelton and former AMP Capital CEO Boe Pahari (Images: Supplied)

AMP coup: rainmaker stays as old blokes go — and more to come

AMP has reaffirmed its status as Australia's number one board coup company, and it's likely that more heads will roll.

Former AMP Limited chairman David Murray (left) and former AMP Capital Holdings chairman John Fraser (right) (Images: AAP/Joel Carrett, AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Corporate dinosaurs find no political shelter from Me Too meteor

There is no longer any political tolerance of companies that indulge sexual harassment.

Former AMP chair Catherine Brenner (Image: AAP/Daniel Munoz)

ASIC leave pass doesn’t wipe the slate clean for ex-AMP chair Catherine Brenner

ASIC has confirmed it is no longer investigating Brenner over her role in the allegations arising out of the banking royal commission. But her part in the ultimate demise of AMP should not be forgotten.

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