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It’s time for a reckoning on FOFA

The major bank lobby group now wants to fix the Future of Financial Advice framework, but it was one of the major players in trying to water it down as much possible. It owes the community an apology.

Allianz chief risk officer Lori Callahan (Image: AAP/Andy Brownbill)

Insurance companies confirm everything is hunky dory in insurance

The insurance industry is recycling an old defence used by the banks to ward off scrutiny — that its misconduct is the work of just a few bad apples. It will work about as well as it did for the banks.

(Image credit: AAP/David Mariuz)

Time to shutter the life insurance crooks altogether?

The behaviour of life insurance companies is egregious, and regulation won't fix it. Governments must step in and re-establish government insurance companies.

Retail super fund horror show requires compensation

The royal commission has shown that things in the retail super fund are far, far worse than suspected.

AMP chairman David Murray was formerly on the advisory board of Bux Global

The last dinosaur roars for vertical integration

David Murray's self-interested warnings to the banking royal commission not to go too far would leave Australians at the mercy of a badly warped financial planning industry.

Mayne: could AMP have made any more mistakes?

It seems unbelievable that AMP could make so many tactical mistakes and yet they keep coming.

A sad indictment of the world’s corporate culture

Crikey readers respond to comments made by the new AMP chair David Murray, and a controversial piece on Karl Marx.

New AMP chair’s views on regulation living proof of Godwin’s Law

David Murray thought regulating bank culture was Nazism, there was no need for a royal commission and the banks are regulated too heavily. As incoming chair of AMP, maybe his views have now changed, Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane wonder.

Banking crisis exposes our tendency to disequilibrium

Two major industries have demonstrated how our neoliberal policymaking process ends up producing a backlash that can damage the entire economy.

Bloodletting in the AMP boardroom hides wider culpability

AMP chair Catherine Brenner is gone in the continuing fall-out from the banking royal commission. But what about the big banks -- when will their directors face some accountability?