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How is COVID-19 affecting our alcohol consumption in Australia?

How has coronavirus affected drinking culture and alcohol consumption in Australia? We share the latest.

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Booze-busting ABC needs a shot of rigour and tonic

The ABC may be in need of a stiff drink, BuzzFeed News Australia says goodbye and QAnon sneaks back from the shadows. Plus other rumblings from the Crikey grapevine.

Nanny statists come for online booze delivery

An anti-alcohol group wants to ban rapid delivery of online alcohol ordering on the basis of a small internet survey — illustrating how drinkers just can't win with nanny statists.

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The future of alcohol policy is missing one key ingredient: science

The development of a national alcohol strategy has been plagued by ideology, lack of evidence and passionate loathing of industry from public health fundamentalists.

Pauline Hanson joins the great Australian war on young people

Calls to ban young people from various things, like smoking and voting, reflect on ongoing preoccupation with demonising young Australians.

Depressing news for the nanny state — alcohol consumption falls again

As nanny statists look to demonise the "alcohol epidemic" in ever more dramatic terms, yet more evidence has emerged that Australians drink responsibly.

A former St Vincent's doctor and current ABC representative respond to recent Crikey articles.

Vote Compass and St Vincents

A former St Vincent's doctor and current ABC representative respond to recent Crikey articles.

Hey St Vincent’s — get your own house in order before nanny stating

Some nanny state institutions need to focus on their own health problems before trying to control everyone else's -- as St Vincent's in Sydney shows.

Sorry, nanny statists, alcohol is good for you

Despite regular evidence of the benefits of alcohol for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the public health lobby remains in denial.

Medical submission exposes the misogyny in nanny statism

The long tradition of wowsers targeting women for special controls continues with a new proposal from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

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