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Thrown under the Cbus

Good morning, early birds. Cbus Super has invested $128 million across 23 coal companies despite pushing the tagline "invest in a better future", and Queensland is staring down a tropical cyclone. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

ACCC report says little new, but demonstrates the painful arc of neoliberalism

There's no mystery or scandal about how we ended up with a badly flawed electricity market — it has followed the broader path of neoliberal reforms in Australia.

Crikey Worm: your superannuation isn’t so super

Good morning, early birds. A landmark report from the Productivity Commission will have you checking on your super. Plus: is AGL Energy as green as it claims? It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

AGL CEO Andy Vesey speaks during a press conference ahead of turning the sod on new 210 Megawatt power station at Torrens Island, South Australia.

Crikey Worm: AGL resists mounting pressure

Good morning, early birds, and welcome to the new-look Worm. AGL's CEO holds his ground against mounting pressure from the federal government, as well now as the ACCC. Plus, the Commonwealth Bank agrees to repay $26 million to swindled customers. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

The government is letting us down on inflation

The highest inflation facing Australian families comes from industries where governments, at least notionally, control prices.

So that’s where all your energy money has been going!

AGL told the ASX yesterday that its profit had nearly doubled to $622 million from $325 million a year earlier.

Rundle: venceremos, comrade! Turnbull goes to war against capitalism.

In attempting to keep Liddell going, Turnbull’s government has gone to war against every single principle of capitalism and the free-market.

Could energy uncertainty be the gift that keeps on giving for Turnbull?

By prolonging uncertainty around investment in energy generation, the government gives itself scope to keep blaming Labor and renewables for blackouts -- at least until voters wake up to it.

Buyer beware: the warning signs for Liddell buyers

The Turnbull government really wants someone, anyone, to buy the Liddell coal-fired power plant. But lessons from Hazelwood should remind any potential buyer that an ageing, dying power plant is often more trouble than it's worth.

Nationalisation back on the agenda in politicians’ power panic

As politicians panic about the energy crisis they themselves have created, some old ideas are suddenly fashionable again.

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