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Topic: Afghanistan
(Image: AAP/POOL/Paul Miller)

‘Poor moral leadership’ led to war crimes

Good morning, early birds. A senior officer in charge of Australia’s special forces has reportedly admitted that some elite soldiers committed war crimes in Afghanistan, and the federal government will potentially need to inject another $70-90 billion over the next six months to survive the post-COVID economic shock. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

International Criminal Court (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Without genuine war crime investigations, Australians could end up in The Hague

Australia needs a full investigation and prosecution into war crimes in Afghanistan, otherwise the case could go all the way to The Hague.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Business calls on government to ‘spark’ economy

Good morning, early birds. The government is facing pressure to spark Australia's sluggish economy, and ASIO reports that it is 'spread thin' in the face of mounting threats. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

Deadly day for Afghan journos … Alan Jones in defamation case … BuzzFeed’s new politics show …

Alan Jones is in Brisbane to defend a defamation case brought against him relating to his coverage of the 2011 Queensland Floods. And other media stories of the day.

Afghanistan is no closer to peace, despite what the US claims

16 years on and despite peace talks, the corrupt Kabul government is still on the back-foot in its war with the Taliban.

Happy warmonger Trump joins the circle of a perpetual war

While the foreign policy establishment applauds Trump's conversion to military intervention, they never ask the question of why the War on Terror has been such a spectacular failure.

Crikey Worm: what Trump’s Afghanistan call means for Australia, tech giants avoiding tax and Tasmanian murder mystery

Will we commit more troops to Afghanistan? How much is Google really earning in Australia and the "most pure" Aussie in parliament. It's the news you need to know.

Actual soldier refutes Devine in the value of women in combat

Gender diversity is not a PC buzzword -- it saves lives and wins wars, a senior Defence servicewoman has said.

He saved my life in Afghanistan. So why did Australia want to send him to Nauru?

Many people in Afghanistan risked their lives and their families to help foreign journalists. But foreign correspondent John Martinkus says after the West has no need for such people anymore, we often leave them to be killed.

The grim, deadly reminders that the war in Afghanistan has failed

Since Australian troops left, Afghanistan has become even more dangerous, writes former foreign correspondent John Martinkus.