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Topic: 2020 budget night coverage
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The big ifs: the key assumptions lining the pathway to recovery

Much of the 2020 budget's road to recovery hinges on a lot of big ifs — not least that a COVID-19 vaccine will be freely available soon.

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An unprecedented budget for — and about — big government

In extraordinary times, the government is handing out relief (and relying on recipients to go out and spend).

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2020 federal budget by the numbers

The federal budget reveals a current year deficit of $213.7 billion, down $29.2 billion from the July update.

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A big-government, low-growth Australia sets sail on an ocean of red

If the treasurer’s economic plan turns out as forecast, we’ll be back to something like normal by 2024. But with the government holding our hands all the way.

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Keynesianism for the rich: Liberals unveil a new politics of debt-fuelled individualism

This budget for winners will deliver a political benefit to the government: massive tax cuts are a tactic to deliver the next election.

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Winners and losers: few surprises in Coalition’s budget night reveal

Farmers, gas and mental health win out over aged care, most women and social housing.

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Personal tax cuts and business incentives come at a price

The government hopes that economic activity generated by tax relief will create 50,000 new jobs. Will the cost be worth it?

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Solid effort followed by disappointment as government squibs reform

The 2020 budget gets an A-minus for addressing the current problems, but a somewhat lower grade for setting up the post-pandemic years.

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Crazy ants, dried fruit and weather boffins’ safety: strange spending measures

Some parts of the budget are less predictable than others. Crikey takes a look through some of the stranger items in the 2020 federal budget.

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Business gets a (very) mini boost to hire young workers and apprentices

The government has introduced a suite of wage subsidies to get young people into jobs, but eligibility is on a tight leash.

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