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Topic: 2016 US presidential election

The age of media uncertainty: 6 lessons journalists have learned since 2016

What's changed since the last US presidential election? And what does that mean for us?

The strange, unrelenting humour of Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has regularly used his powerful position to tell middling jokes. Just don't expect to be allowed to poke fun in return.

Welcome to Planet Disneyland, where even the ‘real’ news is fake

Fake news isn't solely the work of fringe-dwelling con men. You can find plenty of it in the pages of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Washington Post.

Rundle: all the US groans under the weight of towering Trump

In New York, Trump is running his incoming presidency from a tower that is glittering black outside, and gold-encrusted within ...

Swan: working people worldwide are being crushed by a plutocratic aristocracy

At home and abroad, the business class elite suffer from the blindness of affluence, writes former Australian treasurer Wayne Swan.

Usury suspects: media gumshoes have fingered five main culprits for Trump’s win

Let’s look briefly at the primary causes named for Clinton's defeat, and see if we can’t agree that the ascension of Donald Trump to President has multiple causes.

China rising: in the age of Trump, Asia must lead

We may need need the collective security of a rules-based Asian international order, writes former Australian ambassador to China Stephen Fitzgerald.

‘He’s already built a wall’: Mexicans respond to Trump’s victory

How do Mexicans feel about Trump's toxic rhetoric now that he's definitely the president? Freelance journalist Marco Magasic reports from Mexico.

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