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Tips and rumours

From the Crikey grapevine, whispers from behind closed doors.

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Vote for Mayor Pete: Buttigieg targets American expats

The 2020 US election campaign has officially hit Australian shores.

Rebel Wilson (Image: AAP/David Crosling)

Rebel confectionery tells no tales

The makers of Fantales have taken a cautious approach to their biography of Rebel Wilson.

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Westpac powwow no walk in the park

A Crikey tipster overhears a snippet from the walk that sealed former Westpac CEO Brian Hartzer's fate.

Monica Lewinsky and the UNSW's Hidden Centre for Secret Ideas

The UNSW Centre for Ideas doesn't seem too keen on sharing those ideas with the public.


Is Andrews' latest appointment good news for Labor Right?

We hear that the Andrews government — an ostensibly Socialist Left outfit — is not promoting one of their own as chief of staff...

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It turns out you can put a positive spin on the climate crisis

In Senate estimates this week, a senior Department of Environment official spruiked the supposed benefits of climate change. God help us all.

Talk about talkback: who's for breakfast at the ABC in 2020?

As the ABC teases new radio appointments, Crikey gets some hints about movements yet to be made.

The Australian's Holy War against Kristina Keneally continues

Labor's Home Affairs spokesperson is seriously copping it from News Corp again.

Tone-deaf and trite: Midwinter Ball misses the mark

You'll never guess the theme of the press gallery Midwinter Ball last night. Plus other tips of the week.

ABC stuck between Bankstown and the far right

ABC management is going down the road to Bankstown for a diversity 'boot camp'... just don't tell the bosses about the broadcaster's right-wing blunders.

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