December, 2012

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Cracks in the glass ceiling: women wielding power on boards

, Dec 24, 2012

Female company directors control twice as much capital than their representation on ASX companies would suggest, suggesting the fight for boardroom equality is closer than first thought.
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The Power Index: it’s who Malcolm Broomhead knows that counts

, Dec 19, 2012

Nobody is more connected in Australian business than former Orica chief Malcolm Broomhead. That's the result of The Power Index crunching Optimice's data on a boardroom connectedness basis.
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The Power Index: why David Gonski rules the boardroom

, Dec 17, 2012

David Gonski, not surprisingly, rejects the idea of his own power. But when you add up his boardroom roles -- from Coca-Cola to Investec to Infrastructure NSW and the Sydney Theatre Company -- and his relationships in Canberra, there's little doubt he rules corporate Australia.
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The Power Index: biz directors, Catherine Livingstone at #2

, Dec 13, 2012

The status of women on boards hasn't shifted much since Catherine Livingstone successfully floated Cochlear for $127 million some 17 years ago. But now the Telstra chairman -- the title sits fine with her -- is leading the charge to bridge the boardroom gender divide.
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The Power Index: biz directors, Michael Chaney at #3

, Dec 12, 2012

Michael Chaney faces a boardroom test this week from NAB shareholders. But the Big Four chairman (and Woodside Petroleum director) has an impressive career behind him building Wesfarmers into the corporate powerhouse it is today. He's a flag-bearer of propriety to those who know him.
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The Power Index: biz directors, Lindsay Maxsted at #4

, Dec 11, 2012

Lindsay Maxsted is indirectly responsible for some $200 billion in ASX wealth. With powerful connections in the top end of town, and an enviable resume of corporate achievement, nobody knows capital like the director of Westpac, BHP and Transurban.
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The Power Index: biz directors, Robert Millner at #5

, Dec 06, 2012

Robert Millner flies under the radar of corporate Australia. But with tentacles in a number of key markets, his family-backed conglomerate of interests and chairmanships makes him one of the most influential directors in Australian business. And a target of shareholder fury.
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The Power Index: biz directors, Jac Nasser at #6

, Dec 05, 2012

The Big Australia may be diminished, but its chairman is still a titan in the business world. Jac Nasser, who earns around $1 million a year to steer BHP Billiton's boardroom, is described as a good foil to other directors and a CEO now under increasing pressure.
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The Power Index: biz directors, Bob Every at #7

, Dec 04, 2012

Bob Every is responsible for a lot of jobs as chairman of retail giant Wesfarmers and building products manufacturer Boral. But the corporate veteran who helps steer the country's biggest retailers -- and dolls out big salaries to its bosses -- would rather talk about his charity work.
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The Power Index: follow the wealth to powerful directors

, Nov 30, 2012

As The Power Index counts down Australia's most influential business directors, the market capitalisation of ASX companies throws up new names as controllers of the country's corporate wealth. Sitting in a mining company boardroom is the best bet.
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The Power Index: board members of companies larger than $50b

, Nov 29, 2012

A ranking of ASX board members based on the combined market capitalisation of their companies (worth $50 billion or more). Data compiled by business intelligence firm Optimice and sourced from Thomson Reuters as of October 26.
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The Power Index: biz directors, Kevin McCann at #8

, Nov 29, 2012

A failed political tilt turned into a glittering corporate career for Kevin McCann, who steers the boards of millionaire factory Macquarie and Origin Energy among other high-profile business gigs. Name nearly any sector of the Australian economy and he's touched it.
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The Power Index: biz directors, Roger Corbett at #9

, Nov 28, 2012

From former Woolworths boss to chairman of a failing media brand, Roger Corbett's stocks have fallen dramatically in recent years. But he remains among the most powerful business directors in the country through a wide-ranging collection of ASX gigs.
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The Power Index: biz directors, Peter Mason at #10

, Nov 27, 2012

Peter Mason has the superannuation accounts of thousands in his hands. He's become a kingpin of the financial services industry since the merger of AMP and AXA last year. But Mason, outspoken on issues like Asian experience, faces big challenges on the board of David Jones.

Who’s the most powerful person in Australian boardrooms?

, Nov 26, 2012

Who are the most powerful people in Australian boardrooms? Beyond the bosses, a small clutch of well-connected, highly influential directors are driving corporate strategy.