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The Great Rort

Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Don't worry, minister. There is life after your resignation

Resigning in disgrace is a common pastime for Australian pollies. They always land on their feet.

(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Bridget McKenzie forgot about her gun club, but found time to declare other gifts. What gives?

Bridget McKenzie is not short on gifts – so why was a membership to a gun club that received a sports grant left undeclared?

Righting the wrong: could a class action against the sports rort deliver justice?

What would a class action lawsuit against Bridget McKenzie's sports rorting scandal look like? The question, like the case, is a tricky one.

Bridget McKenzie (Image: AAP/James Ross)

The government ditched its own grants website to hide sports rorting

The government is proud of centralising all Commonwealth grants on one bespoke platform for everyone to see. Until it wanted to hide the sports grants it intended to rort.

Senator Bridget McKenzie (Image: AAP/Peter Rae)

Rorters, take note. Buying votes is tempting but it doesn't seem to work

The sports grants affair stands testament not just to the deviousness of much of the political class, but also to its egotism

Australian Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

When did Australian politicians become incapable of shame?

Scandals like the one Bridget McKenzie is facing used to end careers.

Senator Bridget McKenzie (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

We know Bridget McKenzie is a political rorter. Here is how she can get her comeuppence

The legal ramifications of the Coalition's latest rorting scandal run deeper than you may think.

(Image: AAP/James Ross; YouTube)

The Adventures of Bridget McKenzie

If you wanta get your bagmen in a frenzy... introduce them to Bridget McKenzie!

Rorting is one of Australian politicians' favourite pastimes

Bridget McKenzie's latest scandal is just one of many in a long line of great Australian rorts.