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The Collapsing Coast

Preddys Wharf on the NSW south coast.

We will not go down to the sea. It will come to us

Sea levels rising and falling up to hundreds of metres is a story re-told on Earth multiple times over the past hundred million years. But this time is different.

(Image: AAP/Dave Hunt)

Five things to be done on coastal erosion

Australia's coastline is collapsing. So what can we do to turn the tide?

Sydney's Bondi Beach during the NSW bushfires (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

What will unite us when the beaches are gone?

Beaches might be the only thing capable of uniting Australia. If they were to disappear, it would rip into the heart of our identity.

(Image: Unsplash/Devon Janse van Rensburg)

When the sea claims your house, who do you sue? It's legal quicksand

Australian beaches have been disappearing faster and with more permanence, no question; the causes are not so simple and neither are the legal consequences.

The science behind our vanishing beaches

We are already seeing the impact of climate change on our coastal communities. The way forward demands difficult conversations and challenging decisions.

(Image: AAP/UNSW Water Research Laboratory)

The tide is coming: why our beaches are vanishing

Communities around the country are coming face-to-face with the growing threat of coastal erosion. And as the climate crisis hastens, the problem is only going to get worse...

(Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

The tragedy of the horizon: why action is needed now

When it comes to solutions to the problem of Australia's eroding coastline, there's some good news... and a whole lot of bad news.

Storm and erosion damage at Collaroy, NSW, 2016 (Image: AAP/David Moir)

'The waves are going to be crashing through their door': the erosion hot spots

Experts and residents have known about Australia's collapsing coastline for years, but the true extent of the growing damage is staggering.

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