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(Image: AAP/Scott Barbour)

It's time to give COVIDSafe the flick

Millions of dollars down the drain for an app that barely works — COVIDSafe is a dud and the government needs to fix it or flick it.

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Time to ban facial recognition in Australia before it wrecks more lives

US states, cities, police forces and tech companies are turning their backs on facial recognition technology. Why is Australia continuing to embrace it?

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Chinese police are collecting DNA samples of every male citizen. Should Australia try to stop them?

A report highlights a drastic escalation in China’s DNA surveillance system. But will foreign governments do anything about it?

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Share power: how social media is exposing racism and police brutality

Police have a racism problem, and social media is helping expose that.

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Voller case delivers Facebook a question of truth: just who is the publisher?

The judgment that media companies are liable for random posts on their Facebook pages 'may have resulted from a misunderstanding of the evidence'.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg faces staff revolt over yet another Facebook backflip

This isn't the first time Facebook has faced pressure for enabling violent rhetoric. But this time staff are speaking out.

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Game on: media using code war with big tech to access user data

Big media companies like News Corp are fighting tech giants for greater access to your user data, and they may be getting a little help from the ACCC.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg with Robert Thomson, CEO of News Corp. (Image: AP/Mark Lennihan)

How ad tech turns the web into a giant, money-churning Ponzi scheme

The opaque ad tech system – dominated by Google and Facebook – absorbs half the money spent on online advertising.

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Un-appy, Scott: flaws and inconsistencies start to mount for troubled surveillance app

The haste with which the government has rushed out its surveillance app means flaws are now emerging that could be exploited by stalkers and domestic abusers.

Chief medical officer Brendan Murphy at the launch of the COVIDSafe app (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Download if you will but the COVIDSafe app is not a condom — or even sunscreen

Glib tech solutions to complex problems rarely work as well as their spruikers claim, and bring other problems in their wake. So it is proving with the government's contract tracing app.