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Aya Maarsawe

The politics of erasing Palestinians

Being Palestinian is not why student Aya Maarsawe was murdered but it has everything to do with how she lived, how she is mourned and how she will be remembered.


This is an issue of national survival

The Murray-Darling fish kill is horrifying, but not surprising. It is the logical result of our toxic politics.

science denialism

Are Alan Jones and Co responsible for science denialism?

Or are Jones and his ilk more likely to influence politicians, rather than change minds within the general population?


Daft Brexit threatens a brittle peace in Northern Ireland

A car bomb in the centre of Derry is not without a nostalgic touch; as '70s as flares and Thin Lizzy. But it signals an end to the Good Friday agreement.

Trending news

How the states will shape a landslide Coalition loss

Internal polling has indicated a wipeout loss for the Coalition in the upcoming federal election. But is it all doom and gloom for the government?

Forget Frydenberg, the housing bubble needs to burst

The housing market is long overdue for some creative destruction. The question is when it will occur.

Looking to kill a scandal about your private life? Just tell the truth.

Anthony Albanese recently announced that he and his wife of 30 years, Carmel Tebbutt, had split. No drama. No media chase. This kind of simple and erudite statement is far too rare in Australian politics.