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AFP raids

A big year for the Australian police state

Journalists being raided by police. Politicians trying to crack down on protesters. Children being strip-searched. 2019 saw Australia’s steady slide towards authoritarianism become a lot more visible.

2019 federal election

Rorters, take note. Buying votes is tempting but it doesn’t seem to work

The sports grants affair stands testament not just to the deviousness of much of the political class, but also to its egotism

climate change

We will not go down to the sea. It will come to us

Sea levels rising and falling up to hundreds of metres is a story re-told on Earth multiple times over the past hundred million years. But this time is different.


Angus Taylor’s year from hell

From Australia's 'watergate' scandal to becoming a meme, 2019 has been a horror year for Energy Minister Angus Taylor.

Payne unable to evacuate Aussies in Wuhan

Payne unable to evacuate Aussies in Wuhan

Good morning, early birds. Foreign Minister Marise Payne says Australia is limited in its ability to help the 100-plus children under lockdown in China, and the government will announce a scant-on-details plan for cutting $2 billion from welfare “overpayments”. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

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The non-meaning of Cory Bernardi, a man less than the sum of his parts

Farewell, then, to Cory Bernardi, a man who attacked LGBTIQ people, Muslims, climate science, and reproductive rights, but whose ultimate agenda was his own ego.

Top climate scientist trashes Tony Abbott for using him to deny climate change

'It's frustrating that years and years of research can be dismissed by a politician. The reputation of The Australian is being trashed by publishing utter rubbish.'

The minister, the cardinal and the billionaire climate sceptic you’ve probably never heard of

He's a conservative billionaire with ties to Tony Abbott, Angus Taylor and George Pell. But who is Michael Hintze?