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Hope in Victoria, tragedy in NSW and South Korea faces up to lockdown

Victoria's numbers continue their downward trend, border restrictions lead to tragedy, South Korea faces lockdown and storms headed for America's Gulf region threaten COVID-19 spread.


Lack of proactive COVID policy is lighting the fuse for medico burnout

Australia's COVID reaction has been all about catching up to the effects of the virus, not getting ahead. Feedback from medical professionals indicates this is likely to have a devastating effect on those caring for us.

And our friends are all aboard (our fellow submarine)

And our friends are all aboard (our fellow submarine)

Good morning, early birds. Australia, the United States, and Britain are reportedly banding together in a trilateral security partnership to share advanced technologies, and Scott Morrison is getting advice on whether Christian Porter's mystery legal donation breached ministerial standards. It's the news you need to know, with Emma Elsworthy.

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Craig Kelly changed his number. It’s 0429 493 241. If you text him again, we have a suggestion for what you might write

Craig Kelly changed his phone number, but we have his new one. And we think it's time to campaign against the exemption that allows politicians to spam the rest of us without any comeback.

Berejiklian can offer a beleaguered NSW nothing more. It’s time for a change

The NSW premier has refused to accept responsibility for the crisis she created and offers nothing but the worst of both worlds — 'living with COVID' while stuck in lockdown.

Kerry Chant’s ‘new world order’: how a throwaway comment went viral with conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers have latched on to a benign comment from NSW CHO Dr Kerry Chant. Here's how it unfolded.