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Talking Points

AFP raids

‘Don’t ever again allow politicians to diminish the public broadcaster’

Kerry O'Brien's full Logies speech on the 'failures of politics, failures of journalism, and failures of society'.

2019 federal election

Was the writing on the wall for Labor?

Crikey readers respond to Guy Rundle's dissection of the Labor election post-mortem. Many readers think the answers aren't complicated, some think the problems go deeper, and others believe that the ALP isn't the truly dysfunctional party in the room.

climate change

The National Party v rural Australia

The Nats have made themselves the enemy of rural Australia's survival. If the party becomes a casualty of climate change, it will be the only one deserved.


Angus Taylor’s year from hell

From Australia's 'watergate' scandal to becoming a meme, 2019 has been a horror year for Energy Minister Angus Taylor.

Trending news

Did Centrelink just admit its debt collectors have mandatory targets?

New evidence casts doubt on the Department of Human Services' claim that Centrelink staff aren't given set debt recovery targets.

Everything NSW fire services could have bought if their budget wasn’t cut

While Scott Morrison offers thoughts and prayers to bushfire victims, the NSW Liberal Party has cut tens of millions from state fire services.

Bono heralds the end of The Age

U2 are the latest herald of a once-great paper's destruction.