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AFP raids

‘Don’t ever again allow politicians to diminish the public broadcaster’

Kerry O'Brien's full Logies speech on the 'failures of politics, failures of journalism, and failures of society'.

2019 federal election

Who’s afraid of the upper-middle class?

After the shock loss at the federal election, Labor is running scared. But backing away from a progressive tax agenda is a mistake.

climate change

The tides of change sneak up too slowly on us to raise alarm

Crikey readers discuss religious freedom, climate change, nuclear weapons and the problems with a "towards zero" approach to suicide.


After watergate, will Barnaby Joyce lose New England to an independent?

In Saturday’s election, Barnaby Joyce is widely expected to stroll to victory. Who is the new independent getting in his way?

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A day in the life of a teacher

'The raw energy of a grade one classroom on a Monday morning is like being inside a football locker room before a big match.'

Scott Morrison’s Hillsong sermon was a deeply political moment

The Prime Minister insists he has no 'political agenda' when he speaks about his faith. But his recent appearance at church that's been accused of institutional homophobia is cause for concern.

Crime isn’t crime if you have a white collar

Rob a servo and you go to jail. Underpay your workers to the tune of nearly $8 million and you get a slap on a wrist. How is that fair?