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Talking Points

Witness K/Collaery trial

Will Labor take a stand on the Witness K trial?

Crikey readers discuss political silence around the Witness K trial.

Dutton's scandals

Dutton needs a break for his own good

Peter Dutton's astonishing attack on Roman Quaedvlieg is evidence of badly impaired judgement. It might be time for the Home Affairs Minister to take a much needed holiday.

Chelsea Manning

When the Liberals aren’t inconsistent in their privacy policy, they’re hypocritical

Crikey readers discuss the Chelsea Manning visa denial and the neoliberalism of the Productivity Commission.

2018 leadership spill

Compared to the rest of the world, Australian democracy is doing pretty bloody well

Just 4.5% of the world population lives in a free and fair democracy, and Australia is part of that lucky elite.

Scott Morrison

Morrison’s religious obsession a worrying sign for out of touch Liberals

The government's focus should be on convincing voters it is working in their interests. Instead, Scott Morrison is obsessed with placating the far right.

Trending news

Fixing Today’s ratings isn’t as simple as replacing Karl Stefanovic

Names are flying for suggested replacements of Karl Stefanovic, but will toppling the big name save the problem?

How Turnbull lost control

The idea of Malcolm Turnbull as a true reformist leader never became reality. Seeking to govern from the centre, he ended up alienating everyone.