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2019 federal election

Is it illegal to lie to voters in political ads?

This election has triggered a loud call for something to be done about untruth in political advertising. But can we actually do anything under current laws?

Fight for Warringah

Why did Warringah buck the trend?

Steggall's win against Abbott should have felt like a revolutionary occasion, but it's been somewhat of an anti-climax.

climate change

Stopping Adani won’t stop climate change

You don’t reduce emissions by banning a coal mine. You reduce them by providing a credible and affordable way of making electricity that can replace coal.


After watergate, will Barnaby Joyce lose New England to an independent?

In Saturday’s election, Barnaby Joyce is widely expected to stroll to victory. Who is the new independent getting in his way?

Trending news

Can the bookies tell us who will be the next prime minister?

Some pundits swear by the idea the betting markets are a stronger indicator of an upcoming election's outcome than any polling. But how does it work?

Night of shocks leaves careers and reputations in tatters

As the results rolled in through the night, careers ended and shocks abounded as Labor's expected win vanished.

Far-right surge in Queensland helps mighty Morrison hold the line

A sharp swing to the far right in Queensland has enabled Scott Morrison to hold off Labor and achieve a victory few thought possible — even among opinion pollsters.