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Talking Points


The Tories are revolting!

Negotiating the Brexit deal has taken the Conservative Party to full and open revolt.

2018 Victorian election

Matthew Guy is listening to the needs of all Victorians (he hasn’t already blocked)

The Victorian Liberal leader has a bad reputation of blocking people on social media. It may be satisfying at the time, but it raises some important broader questions.

Jeremy Buckingham

A timeline of the sexual harassment scandal tearing the Greens apart

Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham has this week lost the confidence of Richard Di Natale and other senior figures, but this fight has been on for the past six months.

Witness K/Collaery trial

The controversial law that will decide the future of the Witness K trial

The Witness K and Bernard Collaery case could well continue behind closed doors, prompting great concern over their right to a fair trial. But who gets to make the decision?

Trending news

Government goes all out to hide the trial of K and Collaery from public

The government is trying dirty tricks in its efforts to prevent the public from knowing about its persecution of Witness K and Bernard Collaery.

The AFR’s neoliberal remake of The Usual Suspects

Once again, a tiny pack of interest-rate hawks at the Australian Financial Review are demanding the economy be crunched in the name of neoliberal orthodoxy.

Time to bust some myths about the “property crash”

Contrary to the clickbait peddlers, there's no property crash. If anything, our financial sector, and the surrounding economy, have become more resilient in recent years.