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world hunger

world hunger


Waste from paddock to plate: the just desserts of recycling good food

Waste from paddock to plate: the just desserts of recycling good food

Jon DeeJun 5, 20134 Comments

Australians throw away up to 4 million tonnes a year in perfectly edible food. Founder of DoSomething! and Planet Ark Jon Dee says we need a global solution to ensure food is not rotting in bins while people go hungry.

Please sir, we need some more

Please sir, we need some more

CrikeyAug 31, 2010

One billion citizens of the world are currently suffering chronic hunger, and the fires of Russia, floods of Pakistan and political wars aren't helping. Yet there is no long-term strategy to deal with world hunger.

Take a quiz -- and save the world

by Crikey intern Michael CarterJun 24, 2010

If you’re feeling bored and charitable (and want to brush up on art, language and more) try As the name suggests, people that really need it get free rice out of your visit. Michael Carter writes.

How to feed the entire world

How to feed the entire world

CrikeyFeb 8, 2010

Britain's chief scientific adviser and a team of experts have come up with a plan for feeding the world's 9 billion people. It can be done; but it will require some pretty "radical" changes.t

VIDEO: Sarah Silverman: End world hunger, sell the Vatican

CrikeyOct 12, 20092 Comments

Sarah Silverman has got world hunger all figured out. Just sell the Vatican and use the $500 billion to feed all the poor children. That way, you won't have to see them on your HD flat screen television looking sad.

Solutions for a starving planet

CrikeyAug 13, 2009

By 2050, the world will have nine billion people to feed, and increasingly less land to do it with. Popular Science looks at eight potential farming innovations -- from genetically engineered rice to robot farmers -- to help stop world hunger and feed a growing world's appetite.

Gordon Brown: No-one in the world should go hungry

CrikeyJul 6, 2009

The world must act now on our moral duty to eliminate hunger from the earth, writes British PM Gordon Brown in The Independent.