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The day the music aged

April 15, 2016 9

The bands at music festivals are getting older and older and older.

Woodstock minus the music = great film

Woodstock minus the music = great film

September 3, 2009

Here’s a good idea: take a watershed moment in contemporary music history and recreate it for the big screen, minus the music! That’ll work, right? Actually yes, it works a treat in Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock.

Woodstock: 3 days of peace and music; 40 years of annoying conservatives

August 18, 2009

Sure it was a marketing exercise, but that conservatives are still moaning about Woodstock 40 years later, still defining themselves against what they imagine was going on, speaks eloquently of music festival's power, says Tim Dunlop.

Woodstock: Blame the boomers for not going far enough

August 17, 2009 4

The Woodstock anniversary shows once again the power of the 60s social movements. Except, the women's movement challenged the madonna/whore distinction and we ended up with post-feminism and ... Madonna.

Woodstock: seriously, dude, how old are you?

August 17, 2009 4

If you remember the '60s as a good time, you weren't there -- or you weren't there with The Australian'sDavid Burchell, writes Guy Rundle.

From free love to narcissism

August 14, 2009 18

It's forty years since Woodstock and the Summer of Love of '69. It’s little wonder that Gen Xers and Gen Ys take a jaundiced view of Woodstock nostalgia.

Friday drive-bys: Boring business meetings … cut and paste monkeys …

August 14, 2009 5

End-of-week snippets from the travels of Guy Rundle, including Tom Switzer's fascinating trip to NZ, the greatest right-wing own goal of recent times, and a Woodstock flashback.

Woodstock hippies: where are they now?

Woodstock hippies: where are they now?

July 8, 2009

The NY Daily News track down Nick and Bobbi Ercoline, who were immortalised on the cover of the original 'Woodstock' album in an iconic picture of the two embracing under a filthy blanket. 40 years after the Summer of Love, they're still together.