March, 2018

Birth rights and the hidden threat of obstetric violence

, Mar 08, 2018

It might seem counter-intuitive that in an activity experienced only by women, women are nonetheless pushed to the bottom of the power hierarchy and treated so appallingly, but this is the case.
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Half the sky: Australia needs to stand up for women’s rights in Asia

, Mar 10, 2015

China has detained at least seven women's rights activists in the last few days. This is unacceptable -- and Australia must speak up.
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Abortion should be a routine medical procedure, not a crime

, Nov 10, 2014

Virulent protesters outside abortion clinics around Australia are only part of the violation of women's rights perpetuated by anti-abortion laws, writes Caroline de Costa, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at James Cook University.
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Will the new ultra-Right Liberal guard revive hard-line NSW anti-abortion bill?

, Oct 29, 2014

"Zoe's Law" seemed destined for a quiet demise in NSW's upper house, but after ICAC has claimed quite a few Liberal scalps, the political landscape has changed. Freelance journalist Claire Pullen reports.
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Rundle: Gough crashed through and crashed — and he made Australia what it will ever be

, Oct 21, 2014

The conservative fantasy of an entirely free market will never come to pass in Australia -- and we can thank Gough Whitlam for that.
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Even al-Qaeda thinks schoolgirl kidnappers Boko Haram too violent

, May 13, 2014

The Western media is (belatedly) outraged over the abduction of Nigerian schoolgirls. But an international reaction is exactly what terrorist group Boko Haram wants, writes UN adviser Robert Johnson in Nairobi.

PBS listing won’t guarantee access to RU486 — here’s why

, Apr 29, 2013

The recommendation to list "abortion pill" mifepristone on the PBS is a victory for women's rights, but obstacles remain, including the time period it can be used and who can prescribe it. Gynaecological experts Caroline de Costa and Michael Carrette explain.

Who has the right to sterilise the disabled? Families divided

, Nov 01, 2012

A Senate inquiry is looking into the forced sterilisation of women and girls with disabilities. Crikey intern Yolanda Redrup finds families are split on the practice.

Women have trouble making friends with their own authority

, Jul 09, 2012

Women struggle to take on the mantle of authority because they don’t feel good about those who have had authority over them, says one expert. Is there a way out, asks Kath Walters of Leading Company?

Cox: why is equal pay so difficult to achieve?

, Aug 22, 2011

As many women’s groups gear up for the annual unequal payday commiseration, more statistics emerge that suggest the gap may be going backwards, or, at best, is stuck.