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Rundle: Fairfax smells a WikiLeaks conspiracy in Catalan referendum, surprise, surprise

Guy Rundle September 29, 2017 1 Comment

STOP PRESS! WikiLeaks has run a campaign on Catalan independence, at a crucial point ... just as it has run campaigns during other elections and referendums.

Wolf: Assange is a feminist-baiting techbro douchebag (and I’m done with his bullshit)

Crikey September 5, 2017 24 Comments

Look, you may ask why on earth I’d care what some silly man stuck in an Ecuadorean embassy has to say about women’s rights, but once upon a time I was a rather strident supporter of WikiLeaks, writes freelance journalist Asher Wolf.

Razer: criticising Assange for his admittedly shit takes on feminism misses the point

Helen Razer September 5, 2017 38 Comments

It is true that Assange has lately shown himself to be an unscholarly, unverified baby about the matter of my sex. But for Christ's sake, there's more important things happening here.

Rundle: more bollocks broadcast about WikiLeaks

Guy Rundle August 18, 2017 20 Comments

Another day, another WikiLeaks beat up. Guy Rundle dissects the latest headline which cried conspiracy.

Off the Mark: ‘philanthropic’ Zuckerberg should leave democracy to the professionals

Helen Razer May 23, 2017 8 Comments

We didn't elect Mark Zuckerberg. He is not qualified to guide democracy, nor to fix much of anything outside of Facebook's censorship policy.

Swedish prosecutors dump case against Julian Assange

Bernard Keane May 19, 2017 3 Comments

Finally forced to interview Julian Assange over sexual assault claims, Swedish prosecutors have abandoned their pursuit of the Australian publisher.

It’s official, our spy agencies are making our companies less secure

Bernard Keane April 20, 2017

By collecting and using vulnerabilities in widely used software, our own intelligence agencies pose a double threat to business -- while governments preach cybersecurity.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

Crikey March 24, 2017 3 Comments

Nauru deaths? ... CIA nerds ... rock the (Parliament) house ...

Latest WikiLeaks release shows how security agencies harm us

Bernard Keane March 8, 2017 9 Comments

WikiLeaks has unveiled a vast trove of documents that illustrate how security agencies have attacked the operating systems of our mobile devices in order to spy on us.

ATTN: centrist ‘progressives’. Not everyone thinks the way you do. Deal with it.

Helen Razer February 23, 2017 46 Comments

Does it really need to be said that Western voters are turning their backs on the centre? Apparently, yes, it does.