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WikiLeaks news


WikiLeaks news


Why Julian Assange can win a Senate seat: campaign director

Why Julian Assange can win a Senate seat: campaign director

Greg BarnsApr 2, 201320 Comments

National campaign director of the newly formed WikiLeaks Party, Greg Barns, outlines how Julian Assange could become a Senator -- and how to deal with the pesky not-actually-in-Australia issue.

Wikileaks strapped for cash

CrikeyJul 19, 2012

The purse strings at Wikileaks are getting tighter and tighter, the website now claiming it will go broke within a few months if donations do not dramatically increase, reports Jeanne Whalen.

Rundle: pursuit of Assange a product of fraught Swedish sex crime politics

Guy RundleApr 20, 20128 Comments

Comparison between the evidence given by Anna Ardin, the complainant attached to the first three accusations, and the legal wording of the key complaint by her against Assange, show that it matches almost word-for-word a paragraph in a high-profile 2009 Amnesty International Report on sex crimes in the Nordic countries.

Government ducks and weaves on Assange

Government ducks and weaves on Assange

Bernard KeaneApr 18, 201247 Comments

After extraordinary delays in responding to FOI requests about Julian Assange, the government has served up a whole lot of nothing.

What WikiLeaks says about Blue Lantern, a probe into defence exports

by Grahame Bowland, a freelance writerDec 19, 20113 Comments

US State department cables released by WikiLeaks have provided dramatic revelations, writes freelancer Grahame Bowland.

Keane: why I signed a letter in support of Julian Assange

Bernard KeaneDec 19, 201140 Comments

As an Australian citizen, Assange has a right to expect his government will seek to ensure that he is accorded due process by other countries seeking to prosecute him.

Julian Assange given a legal lifeline, Supreme Court to hear his appeal

Guy RundleDec 6, 20117 Comments

WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange won a small battle against the push to extradite him to Sweden, with the High Court allowing him the opportunity to petition the Supreme Court to hear his appeal.

What the whereabouts of Julian Assange tell us about how power works

What the whereabouts of Julian Assange tell us about how power works

CrikeyNov 29, 2011

Amongst so many other things, the current whereabouts of Julian Assange tells us that 'They' and 'Them' still exist and know how to run things. Does that sound too much like conspiracy country? Peter Chambers explains.

Walkley Awards decide Julian Assange is a journalist

Margaret SimonsNov 28, 201136 Comments

The awarding of WikiLeaks with the prize for contribution to journalism in last night's Walkey awards raises once again the questions of what is a journalist and what is journalism?

Assange case: it's time for Gillard to ask Obama some important questions

CrikeyNov 17, 2011

If freedom of the press and the protection of Australian citizens mean anything to our nation and our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard needs to have a meaningful discussion with Barack Obama about Julian Assange, writes Jennifer Robinson.