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What to read this weekend: recommendations from the bunker

What to read this weekend: recommendations from the bunker

October 28, 2016

What we're reading this weekend: the boyhood adventures of Donald Trump, alt-right trolls fret their gene pool, fixing the housing crisis, the language of German teens, Sydney's segregated suburbs, looking for the Beach Boys, and Ken Loach is still angry.

I was an FBI mole in a white supremacist group

November 29, 2011

For seven years John Matthews was involved in a white supremacist group in the deep south of US, all the while secretly working as an FBI informant. He tells his story.

Joe Hockey: The day I attended a white supremacist rally

April 8, 2010

Joe Hockey recounts his bizarre trip to South Africa in 1990 where race issues were at boiling point and Hockey played voyeur at a rally led by recently murdered white supremacist leader Eugene Terre’Blanche.

"White Power" T-shirt seller charged

September 18, 2009 4

The man exposed in Crikey last week for selling 'White Power Alice Springs' T-shirts has been charged with offensive behaviour and making a false statement.

‘White power’ t-shirts for sale in Alice Springs

September 10, 2009 63

As Alice Springs grapples with the alleged bashing death of an Aboriginal man by five young white men, one man has begun selling "Alice Springs White Power" t-shirts and caps. Outside the Council offices...

Wall Street’s white supremacist con job

April 21, 2009

Wall Street has been conned by a virulent racist who claimed he had a scoop on the US Treasury's 'stress tests'.