March, 2013

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After a decade in Iraq, misery and excuses prevail

, Mar 08, 2013

Ten years after the invasion, Iraq's soundtrack is still one of explosions and misery. In the West, leaders that ordered it reach for excuses to justify the unjustifiable. Crikey's man-at-large looks back.

The moral inconsistency of Australia’s stance on Iran

, Jan 15, 2013

Iran is alleged to have an active nuclear weapons program. There is no evidence to prove it has one -- and the sanctions that Bob Carr is proposing are unfair, writes political researcher NAJ Taylor.

Blogwatch: Bush’s final State of the Union

, Jan 30, 2008

State of the Union, not so strong? ... The State of the Union Bush forgot to talk about ... Obama, Kennedy outshine Bush’s last State of the Union.

NT intervention: it’s urgent, but we’ll take Xmas off

, Aug 27, 2007

When Prime Minister Howard and Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough made their big announcement about the National Emergency in Aboriginal Affairs in the Northern Territory it reminded many of us here in central Australia about Colin Powell’s United Nations speech on the Iraq emergency.

PM a slow learner but a good one

, Aug 14, 2007

John Howard, with all those years of political experience behind him, now concentrates on the unbreakable promise – the bold assertion that is by definition impossible to disprove or, for that matter, prove, writes Richard Farmer.

Google search du jour: oil, Nelson, and doofus

, Jul 06, 2007

Brendan Nelson’s casual announcement that he is either a) a doofus or b) an official candidate for Liberal party leadership has had one great side-effect – it’s put godzone country onto the front pages and up the Google news listings, writes Guy Rundle.