June, 2018

The art of the political interview: tips for news players

, Jun 14, 2018

Young journo? Newbie politician? Crikey talked to the experts for tips on how the get the best out of an interview (or at least, avoid the worst).

Swan hits out at intelligence agencies meddling on Chinese interference

, May 31, 2018

Senior Labor figure Wayne Swan has criticised intelligence agencies for leaking against Labor in the foreign interference debate.

The art of the political interview: how to survive a bollocking from Barrie Cassidy

, May 29, 2018

Wayne Swan, Nick Minchin and Anne Aly discuss courage under (journalistic) fire, and the dreaded He Who Shall Not Be Named (SPOILER: it's Laurie Oakes).

Two moments as treasurer when Wayne Swan proved his mettle

, Feb 12, 2018

Wayne Swan faced a more dramatic set of economic challenges than any treasurer since World War II. His handling of them meant hundreds of thousands of Australians kept their jobs.

Razer: Wayne Swan is the closest thing Labor has to a Bernie Sanders (and that’s why they hate him)

, Jan 18, 2018

Are Labor insiders leaking against Wayne Swan because he is the Labor politician who most resembles a Sanders or Corbyn-type, and, therefore, must be stopped before Millennials notice?

Ten years on from the sharemarket peak, Australian business has little to complain about

and , Nov 02, 2017

Ten years on from the pre-GFC sharemarket peak, the Australian economy is very different but has prospered thanks to smart choices by policymakers.

Saville: Kevin Rudd launches an invigorating, Clinton-esque book tour

, Oct 24, 2017

We know what you're thinking, but don't worry: this 600 page odyssey of the Milky Bar Kid is only the first of two volumes.
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Tips and rumours

, Jul 05, 2017

Hey, big spender ... QUT 18c case student reveals political leanings ... should she stay or should she go? ...

Australian trickle-down economics is dead: the five final nails in ScoMo’s fiscal coffin

, Jun 09, 2017

It's hard to imagine a more compelling series of reports to argue against Scott Morrison's version of trickle-down economics, writes economics reporter Alan Austin.

A brief history of the government’s recent attempts to diddle uni students

, May 02, 2017

Both Labor and Coalition governments have, in recent years, attempted to squeeze uni students with changes to higher education fees and funding, writes Crikey intern Sophie Wenderoth.