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Tag archives: wages growth

Our leave entitlements have dropped to lowest point in years

Alan Austin October 12, 2017 13 Comments

Australian workers are suffering from declining entitlements, despite record corporate profits and high commodity prices.

Employers demand wage cuts despite Reserve Bank fretting about growth

Bernard Keane September 21, 2017 2 Comments

Employers remain convinced the biggest problem in Australia is not being able to slash workers' wages, despite real wages falls.

How are we at predicting the economy? Not as bad as you think

Bernard Keane September 11, 2017

Treasury has a mixed record of forecasting key economic stats -- and it struggles on the ones that count.

The one graph that proves ScoMo’s ‘corporate profits will lift wages’ is bullshit

Bernard Keane September 11, 2017 9 Comments

Despite Scott Morrison's insistence, there's no link between company profits and higher wages. In fact, if there is a link, it may be a negative one.

Will wages ever start going up again?

Crikey September 8, 2017 1 Comment

Australian pollies love to say wages growth is a J-curve, but is it necessarily true that what goes down must go up again? Benard Keane and Glenn Dyer think perhaps not.

Reserve Bank frets about wages and Australia’s five minutes in the economic sun

Bernard Keane September 1, 2017 8 Comments

All signs are that the economy is building strength, but workers don't feel like it because of stagnant wages. And that's a crimp on the government's communication plans, Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer write.

Congratulations Australia — your wages still aren’t growing

Bernard Keane August 16, 2017 6 Comments

Australians' wages continued to stagnate in the June quarter, with none of the growth promised by the government and economists yet showing up.

Chalmers: why Scott Morrison’s budget is in such a mess

Crikey June 2, 2017 6 Comments

Capital expenditure has fallen 33% since the Coalition came to office in September 2013. No wonder growth is struggling, writes opposition finance spokesman Jim Chalmers.

If the economy slows, responsibility will lie in boardrooms, not cabinet

Bernard Keane May 26, 2017 19 Comments

An economic slowdown will be the result of the business community's relentless campaign against wages growth.

Where’s the party? Eerie silence accompanies wage falls

Bernard Keane May 18, 2017 30 Comments

Where have all the advocates of wage cuts gone? Australian workers are too highly paid, business insisted for decades. Now wages are falling, and there's silence.