April, 2011

Is the Yindjibarndi native title deal from FMG up to scratch?

, Apr 19, 2011

Yindjibarndi members in favour of the current deal with FMG say it offers them security and the chance to make their own future better. Woodley says the agreement is inadequate and will be doled out to a select group of people willing to sign the contract. Who's right?
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Fortescue releases its own native title video

, Apr 15, 2011

Fortescue Metals Group has stepped up efforts to counter the claims made in a controversial clip of a native title meeting held in Roebourne last month by releasing their own video online.
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Twiggy’s legal team: native title video ‘incites racial hatred’

, Apr 14, 2011

In an email from Fortescue's legal team to Vimeo, FMG says a controversial native title video is defamatory, misleading and "designed to intimidate".

FMG edits history while video of Twiggy’s “superb” native title meeting taken down

, Apr 13, 2011

A Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) PR spinner has been editing the Wikipedia page of the mining giant, while a video entitled "FMG's Great Native Title Swindle" uploaded by Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation expressing their concern over a native title meeting was deleted last night by host Vimeo.

What will the QLD floods mean for healthcare?

, Jan 07, 2011

Hopefully researchers are using the opportunity afforded by the flooding that is now devastating Queensland and parts of NSW and WA to look at what short and long-term health impacts will emerge because of the deluges, writes Melissa Sweet.

WA chief justice tells it like it is

, Nov 24, 2009

Western Australian Chief Justice Wayne Martin’s refreshingly honest view of the world, delivered to a criminology conference in Perth yesterday will fortify his growing reputation as perhaps the most progressive leader of a court in the nation, writes Greg Barns.

Rio’s looming union nightmare

, Oct 10, 2008

Rio Tinto is refusing to enter into wage negotiations with the union that represents some of the train drivers at its rich iron ore operations in the Pilbara, writes Nicholas Way.

How close did WA Nats come to falling in with Labor?

, Sep 15, 2008

How close did the WA Nationals really come to an historic deal to keep Labor in government? asks Poll bludger William Bowe.

Where do they find state politicians anyway?

, Sep 08, 2008

It’s probably too much to ask for political courage and vision, writes Bernard Keane.

Nationals resurgent after a weird weekend on unwanted hustings

, Sep 08, 2008

Playing kingmaker at a State level opens up vast pork-barrelling possibilities, writes Bernard Keane.