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very fast trains

very fast trains


High-speed rail: pulling a very fast one on capital

Bernard KeaneAug 5, 2011199 Comments

The HSR study relies on fast trains not having to cover their costs.

Have the Greens gone off the rails?

Ben SandilandsApr 27, 2010

Senator Bob Brown’s call for a new study on a very fast train between Melbourne-Canberra-Sydney risks provoking some fierce green negativity, since trains are powered by fossil carbon releasing coal fired power stations, writes Ben Sandilands.

The fast train to nowhere

CrikeyNov 6, 20091 Comment

Crikey readers on why Airbus hasn't killed the fast train, the government's Telstra swashbuckling, border protection (or lackthereof) and Rosemary Stanton gets into a food fight.

Sydney/Melbourne by plane or bust: Airbus vision kills the fast train

Ben SandilandsNov 5, 200954 Comments

The notion of a Very Fast Train for the Melbourne-Sydney corridor has been shot down by new plans from Airbus to fly Very Large Planes between the two cities, because the entire cost, and risk, is funded by the privately owned airlines and airports.