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Who posted halal Vegemite to Pauline Hanson for Christmas?

CrikeyDec 23, 20163 Comments

Crikey has tracked down the sender of the Vegemite.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

CrikeyDec 23, 20162 Comments

Run Safe Schools ... Tim Worner is going nowhere ... halal Christmas present ...

Worrying about Europe's debt woes

Worrying about Europe's debt woes

Richard FarmerMay 25, 20116 Comments

When the Wall Street Journal starts worrying about how to keep Europe's debt crisis from spiraling out of control the rest of us should be at least a little uneasy.

How much for the coat of arms? Selling out our national identity

CrikeyJan 22, 2010

We assume national symbols are owned by the nation. But not when they've been plastered across products to sell them off to patriotic consumers, writes Richard White and Melissa Harper.

Australia's most hated brands

CrikeyOct 30, 2009

The 2009 Brand Asset Valuator study reveals Australia's most popular brand names -- which this year include Google, Nokia and Vegemite -- but far more interesting are the brands we like the least, which include Grazia magazine and Aurora Coffee.

The Vegemite votes are in: it's

The Vegemite votes are in: it's "Cheesybite"

CrikeyOct 7, 2009

After the short but dramatic iSnack 2.0 saga, Kraft's new and improved competition to name its new flavour of Vegemite has a winner: Cheesybite. Eh. Appropriately bland.

Is iSnack 2.0 a marketing success?

Is iSnack 2.0 a marketing success?

by Tactical TV's Tony RichardsonOct 5, 20098 Comments

Will Kraft’s engagement experiment with Vegemite and the #vegefail iSnack 2.0 name ultimately be a huge winner or a huge loser for the brand? Tactical TV's Tony Richardson investigates.

What's cooking in the Kraft kitchen?

What's cooking in the Kraft kitchen?

CrikeySep 30, 2009

How does the second-largest food company in the world make such a big marketing cock-up like the iSnack 2.0? By trusting Australians to know their own market. A look at the Kraft's unique corporate structure, where regional autonomy rules.

Kraft caves, will create Vegemite 2.0.1

CrikeySep 30, 2009

Only four days after it announced the name of its new Vegemite product, the widely-mocked "iSnack 2.0", Kraft has admitted the moniker was a flop and will now give it another name. Can Crikey take some credit for its downfall? Probably not. Will we? Yes.

Hitler finds out about iSnack 2.0

CrikeySep 29, 20091 Comment

Even the Fuhrer has his knickers in a twist about the naming decision for Vegemite lite. "Forgive me ... it's just that I like Vegemite".

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