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Ron Paul is hanging in there, but why?

May 2, 2012

Ron Paul has no chance of securing the Republican party nomination but continues to rack up delegates. When Paul inevitably loses, where, asks David Weigel, will they turn?

Rick Santorum pulls out of the race

Rick Santorum pulls out of the race

April 11, 2012 1

Watch the full press conference of Rick Santorum as he announces his withdrawal from the US presidential race.

‘Santorum’s campaign for President was so bad that it felt like being in labor with a giant baby’

April 11, 2012

Rick Santorum's campaign was such a joke, the only way it can be discussed is with humour, says Erin Gloria Ryan, as she sums it up by employing the worst metaphors possible.

Santorum ends White House bid

April 11, 2012 3

Crikey media wrap: Rick Santorum ended his campaign for the US presidency this morning in Gettysburg, essentially sealing Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential nominee.

Santorum downplays chance of success as Southern primaries loom

March 13, 2012

Going 'into Newt's backyard' and competing against Mitt Romney, fresh from Super Tuesday wins, Rick Santorum has attempted to lower the bar of expectations ahead of primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, reports John Hoefell.

Rundle12: waiting for Joe the Plumber at Tony Packo’s bar n grill

March 8, 2012 18

"Man, we can't take another four years of this." At Tony Packo's bar and grill in Toledo's Little Budapest, Roy is expounding to me the line that is now standard issue on the Right.

US primaries an arms race between states

March 8, 2012 8

In the wake of Super Tuesday, what does the gruelling primaries process tell us about the Republican Party and the state of democracy in America?

Number crunching, Mitt’s chances and nature of power

March 7, 2012

As Rundle writes today from Toledo, Ohio: "Five victories – with Idaho providing an alternative venue to go 50/50 with the other candidates – would make the night Romney's. Falling below that would be nightmare afresh for the GOP."

Think Kevin & Julia are bad? Imagine if Romney was front runner

February 29, 2012 15

Romney, my God. The anti-candidate. As a GOP candidate, all he had to do was turn up to the NASCAR event and shovel down dogs. Instead, he said: "I have some great friends that are NASCAR team owners."

Romney misfires in Michigan, admits mistakes

February 29, 2012

In the lead-up to the Michigan primary, which he is in danger of losing, Mitt Romney has admitted making "some mistakes" by drawing unwanted attention to his wealth, reports Michael Barbaro and Ashley Parker.