October, 2016

Rundle: Romney’s ‘paisley patchouli’ showing in foreign debate

, Oct 23, 2012

The third and final US presidential debate is done, and results suggest Obama beat Romney in a "foreign policy" debate that was mostly about Ohio. Will it make a difference to the polls?
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Rundle: direct democracy, through a laid-back dope haze

, Oct 23, 2012

This was not what the founding fathers had in mind on direct democracy; our correspondent ventures inside a laid-back rally aimed at softening cannabis laws.
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Rundle: Romney sorta won the debate because Obama didn’t

, Oct 18, 2012

Mitt Romney won the debate for the simple reason that Barack Obama lost it, our man in the US reckons. And the latest polling shows voters tend to agree.

Rundle: Obama did better, but this was no home run

, Oct 17, 2012

Republican Mitt Romney exposed his neck in the second US presidential debate in New York today, but Barack Obama didn't sink his teeth in. Our man watched on from a bar in Brooklyn.
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Rundle: 90 minutes is a long time in US politics …

, Oct 08, 2012

From a debate week disaster, to the latest job figures "boom", Barack Obama is riding the yo-yo of break-neck politics. Guy Rundle writes from the US presidential campaign trail.
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Media briefs: ‘Abbott attacks’ — an embarrassment for Fin hacks

, Oct 05, 2012

A case of the Abbott attacks in The Australian Financial Review ... the autotuned debate between Romney and Obama (with a big TV audience) ... investors line up to slap News Corp ...
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NMaybe, just maybe, Obama had something on his mind

, Oct 05, 2012

Polling suggests 67% of the 62 million viewers scored yesterday's US presidential debate as a win for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama. After surveying Denver we're not so sure.

Presidential debate in quotes: who owns the middle class?

, Oct 04, 2012

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney vied for the middle class vote in their first presidential debate today. Here's what they said.