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Tips and rumours

October 9, 2017 5

University 'urgent' investigation...Malcolm Roberts helps you budget ... The left's war in the inner-North ...

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

July 25, 2017 6

Branch-stacking lessons from the best ... Aunty racks up the clicks ... racist posters on campus ...

Budget changes to uni funding could seriously undermine postgrad studies, warns acting VC

May 8, 2017

Melbourne uni stands to be majorly affected by any changes to current funding arrangements, with the government’s current higher education proposals including plans to overhaul how CSPs are allocated, writes journalist at The Citizen Anders Furze.

Tips and Rumours

Tips and Rumours

January 31, 2017

Did Turnbull's private chat with Trump convince him to exempt Australian dual national citizens from the visa ban? "Senator" Culleton returns to Canberra.

Greyhounds slaughtered for dental ‘studies’ at Melbourne Uni

May 25, 2016 8

Melbourne University admits its Dental School is using live greyhounds for dental and other medical studies, before killing them.

Tips and rumours: another one bites the dust, as unis abandon NUS

March 30, 2016

Yesterday we told you that the University of Adelaide’s student union had decided to no longer pay National Union of Students affiliation fees, stripping the national student body of $17,000 a year. This followed the University of Melbourne’s union deciding it no longer wanted to pay $110,000 to the NUS, and halving that to $55,000 last year. Tipsters […]

Tips and rumours: environmental degradation. 

March 10, 2016

Yesterday students in the University of Melbourne’s bachelor of environments program received an email telling them that there wouldn’t be an intake for the degree in 2017. While the degree will be taught out for current students, those who deferred an offer and were expecting to start in 2017 are unsure of their future. The […]

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

October 13, 2014

Supervising the island state ... Jobs go at universities ... Facebook fail by Queensland politician ...

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

May 7, 2013 2

Travellers left in lurch as Melbourne company shuts up shop? ... we fact-check whether the ABC is a Left "monoculture" ... credit cards cut up at Nine ...

When ‘sisters’ are sent to the back of the room, ask questions

When ‘sisters’ are sent to the back of the room, ask questions

April 26, 2013 13

Claims that women are being sent to the back of the room at some Islamic events at Melbourne University should be addressed. But other religions also discriminate on gender.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

April 19, 2013 3

Ads come to BOM next week ... university takes James Riady money ... airlines only do "Ayers Rock" ...

<em>Age</em>-departing Simon Mann to edit uni venture <em>The Citizen</em>

Age-departing Simon Mann to edit uni venture The Citizen

August 30, 2012 1

Departing senior Age correspondent Simon Mann will take up the reins as the founding editor of the University of Melbourne's new online journalism venture The Citizen.

‘We’re not getting what we paid for’: uni standards questioned

‘We’re not getting what we paid for’: uni standards questioned

August 15, 2012 33

A new ranking of the world's universities has led to the usual trumpeting that Australian academia is "world class" -- but this may come as cold comfort to students who feel they are being short-changed.

The Oz v academics: Manne, universities hit back

May 25, 2012 32

The Australian newspaper has come under sustained attack this morning from several angles as its simmering spat with the nation's academic community threatens to turn nuclear.

Melbourne Uni to hive off bookshop to private operator

November 4, 2011 5

The University of Melbourne will abandon control of its 80-year-old bookshop and put it out to tender amid a torrent of red ink flowing through Australia's stricken bookselling industry.

Little mag David vs. uni Goliath

November 24, 2010

Former editor of literary journal Meanjin, Jim Davidson, made damning remarks about ownership of the magazine, its takeover by Melbourne University Press and interference by management, in a speech about the history of Meanjin -- with all the management listening from the front row, reports W H Chong.

Melb Uni slammed for “greedy”,”myopic” fee for Year 12 maths students

September 13, 2010

The University of Melbourne's extension program for gifted high school students is in crisis after some of Victoria's leading maths teachers withdrew their support over a proposed $800 fee charged to pupils.

‘Save VCA’: indigenous centre in crisis as money dries up

‘Save VCA’: indigenous centre in crisis as money dries up

May 20, 2010

Storied Victorian College of the Arts Indigenous institution the Wilin Centre is in crisis after the centre's founding director and an administrative staff member were told their contracts would not be renewed.

Race Mathews slams Melbourne Uni over VCA “rent”

February 24, 2010

A war of words has erupted over the Victorian College of the Arts' financial ties to the University of Melbourne, with a former state arts minister Race Mathews branding rent payments to the university as "morally unconscionable".

Mass exodus at VCA as music staff exit stage left

December 15, 2009 3

The Victorian College of the Arts' music school is facing a troubled Christmas after 20% of its academic staff opted for early retirement in the wake of controversial changes to the institution, writes Andrew Crook.