July, 2017

Three years on from MH17, the real culprits (not Russia) have never been held responsible

, Jul 14, 2017

Politicians like to huff and puff about Russian involvement in the downing of MH17, but it is Malaysia Airlines that should be held responsible.

Eurovision tensions already on display in Russia-Ukraine conflict

, Mar 27, 2017

Russia might just need to perform via satellite link this year.
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Who murdered Boris Nemtsov?

, Mar 02, 2015

Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov was murdered and left lying in the streets of Moscow. Was he murdered by the state? By Ukrainian nationals looking for a martyr? By a jealous lover? Freelance journalist Sasha Petrova reports.

Why the LNP should keep a close eye on the regions

, Jan 19, 2015

Crikey readers have their say on the Queensland election, the failed Multi-function Polis and other issues of the day.
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How the West can broker a deal with Russia on Ukraine

, Jan 16, 2015

Years of self-centred Western foreign policy has left Russia disenfranchised. But there is a way forward.
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A quarter-century after the Wall fell, Europe hunkers down along old battle lines

, Nov 10, 2014

In the 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall marked the end of the Soviet empire in Eastern Europe, some countries have sunk back into old tyrannies.

Cutting staff at regional newspapers hurts the bush

, Oct 20, 2014

Crikey readers share their views on MH17 and Fairfax's new plans for its regional newspapers.

Elvis on the grassy knoll

, Oct 16, 2014

Crikey readers talk health messages at the opera and MH17.
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Talk of MH17 oxygen mask nothing but trash disaster porn

, Oct 10, 2014

Media reports are saying one of the passengers of downed flight MH17 was "wearing" an oxygen mask. This isn't true -- and it's nothing but disaster porn to say so.
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Coalition’s week that was had a familiar feel

, Sep 05, 2014

The Coalition had a better week, indeed an almost Howardesque one, as it thrashed out a detail with Clive Palmer, intervened in Iraq and came up with nonsense about regional development.