October, 2017

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Dash for Cash … A-listers’ anti-piracy hypocrisy … reader support grows at The Guardian …

, Oct 27, 2017

Michaelia Cash's current crisis has been a gift to headline writers. We've picked out some of the best.
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What’s a guy gotta do to get suspended from Twitter around here?

, Oct 13, 2017

Rose McGowan got her account suspended in the aftermath of her Harvey Weinstein related tweet-storm. But just how easy or hard is it to get yourself kicked off Twitter?
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Seven’s cadet firing fallout … Facebook sacks the NFL … ‘Weeping Weiner’ …

, Sep 27, 2017

Tweets are about to become twice as insufferable. And other media tidbits of the day.

Wolf: Assange is a feminist-baiting techbro douchebag (and I’m done with his bullshit)

, Sep 05, 2017

Look, you may ask why on earth I’d care what some silly man stuck in an Ecuadorean embassy has to say about women’s rights, but once upon a time I was a rather strident supporter of WikiLeaks, writes freelance journalist Asher Wolf.
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Good feud guide … Lyons to head investigative journalism at ABC … Opera critic rinses Age arts coverage …

, Aug 16, 2017

ABC's Emma Alberici and Sky News' Caroline Marcus have a twitter tiff over marriage equality, John Lyons to head investigative journalism at the ABC, and other media news.
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Traditional media not completely cut out in PM’s cut-through strategy

, Jul 21, 2017

Turnbull is still as reliant on traditional media outlets as he is social media, despite a concerted push in his office to bypass them.
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LEAKED: embarrassing tweets from Trump’s ‘drafts’ folder

, Jun 07, 2017

It's shocking to think the President sometimes re-reads his tweets before hitting send.

Guardian’s endometriosis ‘controversy’ anti-intellectual censorship

, Jun 01, 2017

Academic research should not be decided by Twitter lynch mob, writes sports researcher and sociological academic Dr James Connor.
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Tips and rumours

, May 29, 2017

Fairfax's so-called 'scoop' ... Ashes campaign cancelled? ... yay apartheid ...
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Hellman and Friedman won’t save Fairfax … carn the Essendon Eagles! … Southern Cross in a pickle …

, May 22, 2017

Think Hellman and Friedman will ride to Fairfax's rescue? Think again.