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Anti-Trump Twitter account fights to keep anonymity

Glenn DyerApr 7, 2017

Twitter argues that its users are protected under the first amendment to the US Constitution with the right to “anonymous or pseudonymous political speech”.

How can you tell if a tweet is credible?

How can you tell if a tweet is credible?

Anthea BatsakisMar 6, 2017

It turns out that the more emotional a tweet is, the more likely it is to be believed, writes freelance journalist Anthea Batsakis.

Anti-abortion activists in Twitter training

CrikeyFeb 21, 2017

Safe to assume their avatars will all be eggs.

Who is Australia's biggest Putin fan?

CrikeyFeb 6, 20174 Comments

Hint: not Cory Bernardi, but the other one.

Is Trump responsible for Twitter's collapse?

Glenn DyerFeb 6, 20172 Comments

According to investors, Donald Trump’s apparent monopolising of Twitter has been bad for the company -- very bad, not good.

One Nation embroiled in Twitter spelling war

CrikeyJan 25, 2017

Throwing stones in glass houses is usually not a good idea, and we proceed with caution ...

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

CrikeyJan 25, 20174 Comments

Spelling trouble ... Thiel's citizenship ... no Panahi for Franger ...

Christian Lobby state director clutches pearls over 'R-rated', pro-rooting Volley ad

CrikeyJan 18, 20173 Comments

Her Twitter profile reads "Campaigner for the innocence of children". So there you go.

Online satire takes our news outlets for fools this election cycle

Online satire takes our news outlets for fools this election cycle

Myriam RobinNov 11, 20163 Comments

To be fair, with Donald Trump seriously being elected to the US presidency, it can be hard to know what's real these days.

The nine-step Bill Leak outrage cycle

The nine-step Bill Leak outrage cycle

Myriam RobinSep 22, 201611 Comments

Bill Leak publishes a cartoon, lefties go feral, righties go feral. Rinse, repeat.

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