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There are far better things you could spend the $64 billion tax handout on

February 15, 2018 8

Even accepting the government's claims about its company tax cuts at face value, there's no evidence it's the best way to improve economic growth, or even business investment.

The Morrison, Molan and general Coalition guide to excusing lies and hate speech

February 7, 2018 11

The new logic from the government is that your former job gives you unchallengeable authority to say anything you like, no matter how wrong.

How are we at predicting the economy? Not as bad as you think

September 11, 2017

Treasury has a mixed record of forecasting key economic stats -- and it struggles on the ones that count.

Treasury reveals only half of overseas retailers will actually pay GST despite new laws

June 16, 2017 4

Just how Treasury worked out it will get $300 million in GST from overseas sales remains a mystery.

Lockup crackdown won’t stop leaks — but it will make it harder for journos to do their jobs

May 30, 2017 10

Treasury secretary John Fraser has taken the extraordinary step of banning journalists' mobile devices from the annual budget lockup.

Does Treasury believe in climate change?

September 22, 2016 6

Is climate change real? The Treasury and Prime Minister and Cabinet appear to disagree, if their corporate plans are anything to go by.

Treasury says leak against Labor is ‘disappointing’ but skips AFP referral

Treasury says leak against Labor is ‘disappointing’ but skips AFP referral

September 16, 2016 3

The AFP has not been called in to investigate a damaging leak against Labor from Treasury in the lead-up to the budget in May.

Blasts from the past bring outdated views to economic debate

September 9, 2016 3

An effective response to economic populism isn't likely to include berating workers and complaining about the need to slash spending while proposing tax cuts, Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane write.

Treasury throw Morrison under the omnibus*

September 1, 2016 1

It's the sort of error public servants dread -- a howler that goes right through them all and into a high-profile bill. And the best and the brightest of the Public Service did it to their Treasurer.

Henry Tax Review a noble, but useless, exercise

July 12, 2016 2

The review model, anyone would concede, served us well in the past. But no more.