October, 2014

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership: a Halloween horror-show

, Oct 17, 2014

The latest draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, released by WikiLeaks, is a literal Mickey Mouse agreement, writes Dr Matthew Rimmer, associate professor at ANU college of law.

Tobacco debate: plain packaging anything but plain sailing

, Jun 08, 2010

As the government keeps pointing out, Australia would be the first to legislate for plain cigarette packaging which inherently brings with it legitimate debate about its legality, writes Tim Wilson.

Google’s got Groggle by the goolies, squeezing hard

, Apr 29, 2010

Google threatens a tiny Australian start-up, alleging trademark infringement. It’s classic David versus Goliath... but does Google have a choice?

Why Twitter can’t trademark the tweet

, Aug 20, 2009

Last month, Twitter founder Biz Stone announced that the company had applied to trademark the word "tweet", causing much consternation in the blogosphere. But what he didn't mention, explains Sam Johnston is that they've already tried -- and failed.

Can you trademark a chocolate bunny?

, Jun 16, 2009

In 2001, Lindt trademarked its jingly bell bunny. Now that legal protection is being challenged, with Europe's High Court to preside over the Chocolate Bunny Wars.