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Hope for FreezaCentral in Ted Baillieu rock pitch

Andrew Crook August 10, 2011

Organisers of the axed FreezaCentral rock mentoring program are confident of a reprieve in next year's Victorian budget as Premier Ted Baillieu moves to bed down its credentials as a live music saviour.

‘Sticky carpet-clad’ Ted pledges Libs’ love of live music

‘Sticky carpet-clad’ Ted pledges Libs’ love of live music

Andrew Crook August 9, 2011 4 Comments

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu draped himself in the iconic Melbourne music venue The Tote's mythical sticky carpet to ram home his message that Liberals "love live music".

The cultural revolution was online in 2010

Ben Eltham December 23, 2010 5 Comments

The most important arts and "cultural" events of 2010 happened online, writes Ben Eltham, in his final My Cup of Tea column for the year.

The sounds of silence

Crikey April 15, 2010

What makes lobby groups effective? asks Noel Turnbull: knowing when to shut up and pull their heads in.

New Tote proprietor to press Brumby on liquor changes

Andrew Crook April 12, 2010 1 Comment

New Tote Hotel proprietor Jon Perring has called on the Victorian government to immediately fix its liquor licensing laws, to avoid a repeat of the saga that forced the hallowed rock venue to shut its doors.

Brumby’s backflip on live music could claim Maclellan

Andrew Crook February 23, 2010

Pressure is growing on controversial Victorian Liquor Licensing director Sue Maclellan over her enforcement of the state government's liquor licensing laws following a backflip on live music by the Brumby government.

Vic government set to slash security to save live music

Andrew Crook January 20, 2010 1 Comment

Security requirements for inner city Melbourne music venues are set to be slashed in an desperate government bid to save live music from the scrapheap amid spiralling liquor licensing compliance costs and a looming state election.

Brumby falling on his sword over liquor laws

Brumby falling on his sword over liquor laws

Andrew Crook January 19, 2010 5 Comments

The controversial one-size-fits-all approach to Victoria's liquor licensing laws is again under fire after a Queen Vic Market wine shop was classified as a "high risk" venue in the same league as a 1,000-capacity South Melbourne superclub.

White knights circling to save The Tote

Andrew Crook January 18, 2010 26 Comments

A trio of white knights look set to assume control of iconic Melbourne rock pub The Tote, which was scheduled to close its doors for the last time today due to a combination of liquor licensing requirements and fees.

Memo state Labor governments, occasioned by the closing of the Tote

Guy Rundle January 15, 2010 20 Comments

How a capital city has gone from a famously dour black hole to a huge cultural and tourist enterprise, as well as a genuine hub of new ideas ... and how it's the government's mission to kill it.