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What to read this weekend: recommendations from the bunker

Crikey September 16, 2016

Sometimes outlets that aren't Crikey produce wonderful stories. Here is what we are reading -- what it's like to die, what O.J. Simpson means to black America, how the girlfriend of Philando Castile is getting on with her life, and an insight into the man who discovered lithium treatments for mental illness.

What to read this weekend: recommendations from the bunker

Crikey September 9, 2016

Does the left have a future? How does a doctor tell a mother her son is dead? And who planted drugs in the car of a friendly PTA mother? Here is what we're reading this weekend.

Guardian commenters super mean to Andrew Bolt

Cassidy Knowlton September 8, 2016 3 Comments

The Guardian was so mean to Andrew Bolt. And Andrew Bolt has no platforms at all on which to defend himself.

Commercial TV doesn’t bother with Nauru files

Myriam Robin August 11, 2016

Probably because there weren't any images.

Nauru files: this is Australia’s Abu Ghraib moment

Crikey August 10, 2016 17 Comments

This leak has exposed the years of denials, obfuscation and the consistent attempts to keep conditions for those detained on Nauru out of the eye of the Australian public, writes foreign correspondent John Martinkus.

More than 100 journalists ask the Oz to apologise for Bill Leak

Myriam Robin August 10, 2016

But none of them from News Corp.

Massive losses at Guardian but staff numbers balloon

Glenn Dyer July 28, 2016

The cuts, they are coming.

Media briefs: Devine retribution … welcome Independent Australia … terror! (or not) …

Crikey July 26, 2016 2 Comments

Croats v Tony Jones ... Guardian still bleeding ... car bomb terror (or not) ...

The Guardian v Joseph Mayton: both accuse the other of lying

Myriam Robin May 27, 2016

Has the Guardian dealt with a fabricated quotes scandal with admirable transparency, or has it thrown a freelancer under the bus?

Strange bedfellows

Guy Rundle May 20, 2016

Just who is sponsoring the Guardian now?