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What News won’t tell you about their hush-money payout

What News won’t tell you about their hush-money payout

Glenn Dyer July 9, 2009

Murdoch's News Group Newspapers has paid out more than £1m to settle legal cases over journalists' involvement in criminal methods to dig dirt on politicians and celebrities. Don't expect to read about it in The Oz...

Revealed: Murdoch papers paid £1m to keep phone-hacked victims quiet

Crikey July 9, 2009

A Guardian exclusive: News Group Newspapers have paid out-of-court settlements to cover up journalists' "repeated involvement in the use of criminal methods to get stories."

Lessons from Guardian‘s people power test

Crikey June 24, 2009

The MP expenses scandal was a big story to cover. How'd The Guardiancope? By putting the public-records dump online and asking readers to sift. Brilliant, says Michael Anderson.

Guardian harnesses people power for MP expenses investigation

Crikey June 23, 2009

Almost 20,000 have answered The Guardian's call for a hand to sort through the 457,153 pages of British MP expense claims.

The Guardian‘s Marx-Engels model

Crikey June 15, 2009

In much the same way that Engels subsidised Marx’s writing career by managing factories in Manchester, Guardian Media Group are supposed to safeguard the Guardian "in perpetuity". It's a model that has come under some stress lately, says Peter Kirwan, but it's one that works.

The PM, the newspaper and the failed putsch

The PM, the newspaper and the failed putsch

Crikey June 12, 2009

A week ago today, the strongly pro-Labour Guardian newspaper ran a full-page editorial calling for the Prime Minister to go. Good journalistic practice or an abuse of its position? asks Stephen Glover.

Having a Crete time far from London

Crikey May 27, 2009

Sometimes getting away from it all can have its own frustrations.

Guardian’s Eurovision blog sparks minor international incident

Crikey May 19, 2009

UK cops take a (deserved) media beating

Guy Rundle April 28, 2009

What could possible have led to this sudden outbreak of awareness of the autonomously repressive nature of the police force amongst the patriotic papers?

Last days of the UK Independent?

Guy Rundle April 16, 2009

The UK Independent may die before the summer.