August, 2017

Aunty’s pain in the arts

, Aug 29, 2017

With the ABC announcing another review into its arts programming, David Salter explores the unfortunate complexities involved in the modern media marketplace.
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Rundle: so you think you can effect political change? Stop holding dance-offs!

, Jul 16, 2015

The arts community is up in arms about Brandis' announced funding cuts. But it's going about that protest all wrong. Here's what would actually work.
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Ring Cycle: if you can watch 16 hours of opera, read on

, Nov 20, 2013

Wagner's 16 hour-long Ring Cycle is not for the casual opera fan, but die-hards are in for a treat.
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Packer’s Sydney arts donation a lay-down misere

, Nov 14, 2013

Daily Review journalist Ben Neutze says James Packer's major arts donation -- in exchange for approval for his Sydney casino -- raises questions around the meaning and funding of culture in Australia.
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The ripple of Australian art that radiates outwards (all the way to Crikey)

, Nov 08, 2013

The arts is a living, breathing monster; roaring in our major cultural spaces and dingy laneways near you. Crikey is diving into the pond with the launch on Monday of Daily Review.
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Grammar? None for Gretchen Wieners, bye

, Aug 01, 2013

Young people take grammar more seriously than you'd think, writes Allie Severin.
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Arts funding winners grin, but some criticism for Crean report

, Mar 15, 2013

As the dust begins to settle on Simon Crean's Creative Australia policy, most arts and cultural leaders have been overwhelmingly supportive of the new plan. But there are a few dissenting voices.

National Cultural Policy out at last — and it’s a big win for arts

, Mar 13, 2013

The federal government's National Cultural Policy, released today, is a big win for the arts generally -- it's got new money and plenty of policy reform. But there are losers.
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Creative jobs: maybe that arts degree isn’t so useless after all

, Jan 25, 2013

Worried about a career in the arts? It's not as bad as you may think. Journalists and printers may be on the scrap heap, but there are more artists employed than ever according to new data.
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Arts is local, storytelling digital, in co-creative communities

, Nov 09, 2012

Community arts and cultural development is in transition. There might be a lack of policy direction, but grassroots organisations are getting on with the business of creating.