July, 2018

Banned telecom Huawei is bidding to run Australia’s 5G, and we shouldn’t try to stop it

, Jul 04, 2018

Even if the national security concerns are true, blocking Huawei from providing 5G would be a logistical nightmare for Australia.

Another Huawei charm offensive, this time in the Financial Review

, Mar 02, 2018

Chinese ICT manufacturer Huawei has launched yet another charm offensive, this time aimed at AFR readers, about why it should be allowed into the backbone of global communications.

NBN farce the result of a neoliberal absurdity

, Oct 24, 2017

Malcolm Turnbull says we shouldn't have started from where we did on the NBN -- problem is, we didn't have much choice, thanks to market economics.

Fifield’s diary revealed: minister preferenced China telco before big local players

, Jul 25, 2017

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield held his first meeting with a China state-owned telecommunications company that has no big presence in Australia.

Agile DFAT staff lectured on WhatsApp rules

, Dec 16, 2016

Rule No. 1: No secret government business.

Brandis sneaks in national security telco laws while focus is on the US

, Nov 10, 2016

Attorney-General George Brandis waited close to a year to introduce telecommunications security legislation and waited until US election night.

Don’t diss blackspot funding

, Jan 29, 2016

Crikey readers discuss funding and other issues of the day.
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TPG begins raiding iiNet. Yep! TPG begins raiding iiNet!

, Sep 02, 2015

TPG is making iiNet more like itself, overseeing an exodus of executives and putting a freeze on new spending.
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Brandis giveth, taketh away: govt to keep promised data retention money

, Sep 02, 2015

Telcos had been promised $131 million to help them allow the government to spy on Australian citizens. But hey look, now the government is going to keep some of that money after all.
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Australia must focus — or become an economic also-ran

, Aug 04, 2014

The government must embrace globalisation and digitalisation, and demonstrate focus and courage, to address a sharp decline in competitiveness, writes The Mandarin publisher Tom Burton.