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The looming crisis for women in Oz tech

Bernard Keane March 16, 2016 9 Comments

One of the most important industries in Australia has few women -- and the situation is getting worse. Bernard Keane looks at the tech sector and its "female problem".

Tech in ’12: take nothing for granted online

Tech in ’12: take nothing for granted online

Stilgherrian December 24, 2012 1 Comment

In 2012, Big Copyright suffered several setbacks. And Big Data ramped up its efforts. Our technology expert looks back and forward at the world online.

Business slow for techies

Crikey September 7, 2010

The technology sector is often associated with a burgeoning industry left largely unscathed by the effects of the GFC. However, new and unexpectedly low hiring trend figures in America suggest it may not be the engine of economic recovery many may have hoped.