February, 2016

‘This is system collapse’: Tassie fires the beginning of the end

, Feb 04, 2016

As fires ravage Tasmania's pristine areas, writer and Launceston bushwalking guide Bert Spinks mourns for the beautiful places that are no more.
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Call of the wild: if a jet ski falls in the forest …

, Apr 14, 2015

The Tasmanian government's proposed expansion of the tourism industry threatens everything great about Tassie's wilderness, writes Bert Spinks, freelance writer and bushwalking guide on the Overland Track.
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Tasmania wakes to a new era — now comes the hard part

, Mar 17, 2014

The Liberals have won the Tasmanian election after a long time in the wilderness, consigning Labor and the Greens to history. Here are the biggest challenges they face this term ...
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Will Brandis boycott the anti-boycott movement?

, Sep 27, 2013

Calls for anti-boycott legislation by the Tasmanian forest industry will test the free speech bona fides of Attorney-General George Brandis. Will he take up the challenge?
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Richard Farmer’s chunky bits

, May 01, 2013

Will the NDIS actually get support at the ballot box? Richard Farmer suspects it will end up being a political suicide note. Plus other views noted along the way.
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Don’t blame the greenies: the real reason for timber decline

, Apr 15, 2013

Australia's native forest industry simply cannot compete in the global marketplace. Handing over more taxpayer-funded assistance will not solve the problem, writes ANU associate professorAndrew Macintosh.

Framing forestry and Howard’s WMD claims

, Apr 12, 2013

Crikey readers have their say on the biggest issues of the day.
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How your taxes bailed out insolvent timber giant Gunns

, Mar 05, 2013

Gunns might have been trading insolvent when it took $23 million from the federal government for its non-existent pulp mill, writes Tasmanian economist and analyst John Lawrence at Tasmanian Times.
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The waste in Tasmania’s forests: most timber left to rot

, Dec 14, 2012

Most of the trees felled in Tasmania's forests end up as waste and woodchips. Andrew Macintosh and Richard Denniss crunch the numbers in a new Australia Institute infographic.

Tas forests deal unpacked: the story behind the numbers

, Dec 05, 2012

A deal to end the Tasmanian forest wars will soon go before state Parliament. Tasmanian-based accountant and former economist John Lawrence crunches the numbers and poses some pertinent questions.