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Separating facts from emotion on boiling sheep to death for commercial gain

May 21, 2018 16

As government backbenchers move to ban the live sheep trade, the lies of industry advocate and politicians are being exposed.

Crikey Worm: MPs break ranks over live exports ban

April 20, 2018 1

Good morning, early birds. Both Coalition and Labor MPs break ranks to support a ban on live exports. Plus, Australian and Chinese warships have a "robust" exchange in the South China Sea. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Taking out the trash: the bad news released under the cloak of the grand finals

October 2, 2017 6

When better to bury news you might not want the public to know about than when there is a lot of football on?

A guide for naughty ministers: how to control the media during an expenses scandal

April 24, 2017 7

Rule No. 1: if you're a pollie embroiled in an travel expenses scandal, it's best to say something meaningful, ASAP.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

March 21, 2017 3

MPs offered new phone numbers after embarrassing data breach, Sussan Ley hosts food fair, One Nation defends street harassers.

The hunt for Brandis’ diary

March 14, 2017 1

Without dusting off Ms Tips' tinfoil hat, the minister's continual delay in processing the request could be seen as "running down the clock".

What happens in Parliament when nothing is happening in Parliament

February 6, 2017

Sadly, it's not quite a Night at the Museum deal.

We lodged an FOI on Ley’s diary, came up empty-handed

January 19, 2017 1

Ley's department said it was unlikely the documents still existed.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

January 19, 2017 2

What diary? ... Latho loves the Libs ... Rod "Senator" Culleton ...

Which pollies charged taxpayers for NQR expenses?

January 19, 2017 3

Sussan Ley and Bronwyn Bishop are not the only pollies found to have stretched the definition of ministerial entitlements. Crikey intern Sophie Wenderoth finds out who else has been in hot water over entitlements.

Making deals

January 19, 2017 1

Crikey readers respond to the previous day's edition.

Ley replaced with two men with similar scandals

January 18, 2017 13

Ley out, Hunt in, and Sinodinos promoted. And just what does George Brandis have to do to get the sack?

Pauline Hanson definitely not campaigning in Qld while talking up One Nation

January 17, 2017 5

Pauline Hanson has said her tour of Queensland is related to her job as a federal senator, not the upcoming Queensland state election.

‘Expenses’ is the word for now, but will we care in six months?

January 13, 2017 17

Expenses dominated the first full working week of 2016, as the vacuum of summer news is filled with rorts.

Taxpayers foot $2 million bill for jetsetting pollies during election campaign

January 11, 2017 8

Australian taxpayers paid over $2 million for politicians to fly around Australia during the eight-week 2016 federal election campaign.

Pollie expenses are an easy fix, but don’t hold your breath

January 11, 2017 13

The summer time expenses scandal could be a thing of the past if politicians wanted it to be.

How to fix entitlements rorts

January 11, 2017 3

Crikey readers discuss yesterday's edition.

Bronwyn Bishop: let’s spit on socialism’s grave together, Sussan

January 10, 2017 13

Hard-done-by government outcast Bronwyn Bishop offers some words of wisdom to a fellow pariah, as told to satirist Ben Pobjie.

Bronnie rotten on socialism, defends using the N-word

January 10, 2017 50

Bronwyn’s Thatcherite hubris, as seen on Sky yesterday, is a relic to behold.

Haves v have-nots

January 10, 2017 1

Crikey readers discuss yesterday's edition.