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US lays ground rules for Made In The NSA hack attacks

Bernard Keane November 16, 2017 1 Comment

Stung by the loss of a trove of hacking tools, the US government has made public its rules for how it handles discoveries of flaws in computer systems used by businesses and consumers worldwide.

Rundle: Turnbull’s surveillance offensive, Lateline’s demise, all point to a failing public sphere

Guy Rundle October 6, 2017 38 Comments

The public sphere, in this country and others, has been undermined by an unwillingness to defend it, even as the ground shifts beneath it.

Labor’s cowardice has delivered us into a surveillance state

Bernard Keane October 5, 2017 29 Comments

When Australia's civil liberties needed protecting, Labor went missing. The consequences are nebulous -- but very real.

How police pre-crime units targets citizens allegedly too obsessed with public officials

Crikey October 5, 2017 5 Comments

Serious questions arise over potential misuse of power by police departments created to identify and neutralise "fixated" individuals, writes freelance journalist Asher Wolf.

Your surveilled life: no escape from the Politicians’ Panopticon

Bernard Keane October 5, 2017 34 Comments

Our politicians are constructing a panopticon from which it will be impossible to escape. And it won't stop terror attacks.

What I learnt from Gillian Triggs’ metadata

Crikey August 30, 2017 9 Comments

Think that if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear? Maybe you should just hand over your email password, writes Amy Gray.

The weapons in Turnbull’s war on maths are dodgy and dangerous to users and security agencies

Bernard Keane July 17, 2017 19 Comments

It's unclear how Malcolm Turnbull proposes to fight encryption but one technique already in use illustrates the dangers of relying on "backdoors" of any type.

Let slip the dongs of war

Helen Razer July 6, 2017 11 Comments

The question is not whether sex robots will encourage the objectification of women (duh), but the extent to which security agencies will exploit such technology to wage wars and expand the surveillance state.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

Crikey July 4, 2017 10 Comments

Bolt's big blunder ... what a load of bollards ... the world's real cyber criminals ...

Tips and rumours

Crikey June 21, 2017 3 Comments

Five Eyes (shockingly) not what it claims to be ... former Barclay's Chief executive facing serious fraud charges ... who is behind The Mocker? ...