April, 2017

How a Labor powerbroker stopped a Co-op coup

, Apr 03, 2017

University students have tried and failed to expel the directors of the Co-op bookshop chain over governance concerns, writes freelance journalist Jeremy Nadel.
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Macquarie Uni takes students to court over $600,000 in union money

, Aug 27, 2014

A curious legal stoush reignites the debate around voluntary student unionism as Macquarie Uni litigates against one of its own student organisations in a bid to retrieve $600,000.

Why the Left dominates student politics

, Sep 26, 2013

Crikey readers talk student politics, Western Australia and how much you should pay for a Fairfax daily.
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UQ election called off amid bitter irregularity dispute

, Aug 08, 2013

The University of Queensland's student union was set to turn leftwards for the first time in years, but amid electoral regularities the vote has been declared null and void.
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Unis vie with unions over compulsory student fees

, Jun 13, 2013

Student unions say some universities are seeking control of a greater percentage of the Student Services Amenities Fee and engaging direct contractors themselves, whereas once the decisions on who to partner with were made by elected representatives.

‘Democracy lives’ at UQ, but union president playing games

, Aug 22, 2012

The University of Queensland student union president refuses to answer questions on why his ruling "Fresh" party secretly registered the name of a rival group and then installed his brother as a candidate for next week's elections.

Left and right? Just the beginning of the complexities of student politics

, Sep 16, 2009

How could hordes of bright-eyed Melbourne Uni students, with their liberal arts educations and asymmetrical haircuts, willingly sign their representation away to conservatives? They didn't, writes student politician Chris Summers.

ALP eyes the challenges of Senate realpolitik

, Oct 02, 2007

There is a major Senate preference debate raging in the ALP. What would be best for a Rudd government?