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A double dissolution trigger is coming

April 16, 2009

It has been a while coming but Labor will have its double dissolution trigger soon enough. All in the name of alcopops.

Will those damn alcopops never go away?

April 16, 2009

The nation’s 15-year-olds have much to answer for.

Kevin Rudd’s mid-air tantrum week

April 8, 2009

Stephen Conroy obviously the big mover, but still not all that high on the list from his usual subterranean profile.

Did Fielding do a deal with the spirits industry over alcopops?

April 7, 2009

Was DSICA's agreement to instruct its members to stop advertising on TV before 9pm in exchange for Fielding's move to stymie the government's proposed tax? asks Jennifer Doggett.

Mungo: have a nice trip Kevin, see you next fall

March 23, 2009 8

The Prime Minister might feel that even if the economic cycle is still clearly running against him, the political climate at least has changed for the better, writes Mungo MacCallum.

Australia drunk on alcohol lobby largesse

March 16, 2009 1

Australia is a laggard when it comes to banning alcohol sponsorship and advertising, writes Glenn Dyer.

Coalition stymies donations transparency. Again.

March 12, 2009 13

The Government’s electoral reform bill has been blocked by the party that lost the election and a senator elected on the vote of 1.77% of Victorians, writes Bernard Keane.

Xenophon’s deal turns water into gold

February 16, 2009 3

The Xenophon deal will cause a massive shock to the water buyback market, writes Bernard Keane.

Danny Nalliah: The man behind Fielding

February 12, 2009 2

The prospect of a Senator Danny Nalliah traipsing the carpet in Canberra is a scary thought indeed, writes Andrew Crook.

Fielding the last man standing in stimulus fest

February 12, 2009 19

It's hard to get excited about the unfolding drama of the Senate's consideration of the stimulus package, writes Bernard Keane.

Fielding’s $4b stimulus hurdle

February 11, 2009 41

Steve Fielding is looming as the biggest threat to passage of the Government’s stimulus package through the Senate. And that’s exactly how the Government wants it, writes Bernard Keane.

Schools Assistance Bill is a victory for Gillard

December 4, 2008 5

Whether Julia Gillard is, as Malcolm Turnbull says, "very nasty" or not, she gets results, writes Bernard Keane.

Britt Lapthorne and ugly Australian nationalism

October 22, 2008 8

We’re not too strong at consistency in Australia, particularly when we’re feeling nationalistic, writes Bernard Keane.

Senator Fielding a proud supporter of big business welfare

October 13, 2008 6

Steve Fielding has been more willing to flex his legislative muscle to assist the big end of town than Mr and Mrs Average, writes Jennifer Doggett.

Steve Fielding: Defender of the wealthy

September 25, 2008 24

The Medicare surcharge and health insurance rebates remain the most outrageous examples of rent-seeking in the Commonwealth sector, writes Bernard Keane

Blow up the pokies… but not at the expense of the pub

September 19, 2008 11

Senator Steve Fielding’s taxation schedule and his plans to modify poker machines would devastate pubs and clubs and wipe many of them out of existence, writes Alex Mitchell.

Fielding the full sausage in stroganoff-gate

September 18, 2008 4

I do confess I have never tried the stroganoff, but the “Parliamentary Burger” – now, I fear, renamed something less creative – is a meal, not just a snack, writes Bernard Keane.

Comments, corrections, clarifications, and c*ckups

April 17, 2008 2

Soaring petrol prices and Rudd's plan ... Barry Hall: gladiator slave ... how letters editors work ... free trade and Australia's advantage ...

Comments, corrections, clarifications, and c*ckups

April 14, 2008 7

The Age and Andrew Jaspan ... Rudd and China ... Steve Fielding and Christianity ... indigenous Australians ...

Senators caught up in the Fielding Filth Filter

April 11, 2008 7

Steve Fielding is obsessed with pornography and now he has managed to impose the views of his bizarre monotheistic cult on other Senators and their staff, reports Bernard Keane.