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Ladbrokes looming regulation in UK a stark contrast to Australian Labor

December 11, 2017 3

Ever heard of a takeover bid where the amount of cash paid to shareholders is contingent on an upcoming regulatory decision? That’s what British gambling giants GVC and Ladbrokes came up with last week as they attempt to create a $10 billion gambling behemoth amidst a regulatory crackdown in the UK. Ladbrokes, one of the […]

Mayne: Bob Carr v Four Corners on China’s influence in Canberra

June 13, 2017 6

Plus eight other pollies and their various corporate interests.

NBN Co grilled over allegations it exploited evidence from ALP raids to sack employees

March 29, 2017 7

The names of NBN Co employees communicating with ALP staffers were seen on emails during AFP raids in Melbourne last year.

Rundle: Conroy moves to Big Gambling, Labor on a losing streak

December 12, 2016 31

If Labor keeps joining the banks, the global corporations, the industry bodies, it is not just the political party that will end up the loser.

How Victoria’s rotten Stability Pact keeps Labor undemocratic

October 24, 2016 5

With Stephen Conroy departing the scene, will Victorian Labor finally be free of the undemocratic embarrassment that is the Stability Pact? Former Bendigo MP Steve Gibbons is not holding his breath.

Stability? Shorten throws an uneasy Labor pact into chaos

October 21, 2016 3

The Victorian stability pact has prevented outright war in Labor. Bill Shorten has unbalanced it, writes Labor insider Ben Chiefly .

Why Shorten pushed for Kimberley Kitching — and why it could blow up in his face

October 14, 2016

Bill Shorten pushed for former HSU official Kimberley Kitching to take on Stephen Conroy's vacant Senate seat, over the strenuous objections of Transport Workers' Union. Labor insider Ben Chiefly has all the goss from the room.

Fake Stephen Conroy says goodbye

September 30, 2016

He tried to stop your moral decay, but Fake Stephen Conroy has howled from the Senate for the last time.

The likely winners and losers from Conroy’s dramatic exit

September 21, 2016 3

Speculation mounts around the two vacancies that will be open from the first of October, writes Labor insider Ben Chiefly.

What will Conroy’s departure mean for Shorten’s leadership?

September 19, 2016 8

Stephen Conroy's shock departure from Parliament has left the Victorian Labor Party on the hop. Will the "Stability Pact" to placate Left and Right factions remain without the Right's "factional Dalek"? Labor insider Ben Chiefly gets the goss.

With Conroy goes Labor’s NBN institutional knowledge

September 16, 2016 3

Labor will struggle to fill the NBN knowledge gap left by the departure of veteran Victorian Senator and former minister Stephen Conroy.

Why Stephen Conroy departed in such a hurry

September 16, 2016 11

Stephen Conroy's Labor colleagues were shocked this morning by his hastily announced resignation. But what caused Conroy to jump? Labor insider Ben Chiefly gets the goss.

Free speech? It’s getting savaged, and the 18C crowd are silent

August 26, 2016 8

This week brought an egregious attack on free speech as the AFP entered Parliament House to pursue a whistleblower. Where were the 18C crowd who claim free speech is so important?

Police pursue journalists in Parliament House NBN raid

August 24, 2016 21

The Australian Federal Police have raided Parliament House as their hunt for NBN Co whistleblowers erupts into the political arena again. Bernard Keane and Josh Taylor write.

Labor branch stacking becomes an arms race, with Stability Pact a possible casualty of war

August 23, 2016 6

The Conroy-aligned Right faction and Carr-aligned Left faction have daggers drawn in Victorian Labor. And Kim Carr could be the first casualty. Labor insider Ben Chiefly gives a behind-the-curtain look at the machinations of Victorian Labor.

Tips and rumours

Tips and rumours

July 7, 2016 1

Bolt's big confession ... were NBN raids illegal ... asylum seeker film explained ...

AFP refuses to disclose justification for NBN raids

June 20, 2016 5

The AFP has refused to release documents as to why it raided Stephen Conroy's office during the election campaign.

Labor wants AFP to hand over all NBN raid evidence to the Senate

May 24, 2016 5

Labor says it told the police that documents related to the NBN were covered by parliamentary privilege before the raids began.

What you need to know about NBN raids — and why it could help Labor

May 20, 2016 19

Why did the police suddenly raid a Senator's office?

No conspiracy here: Sky relied on old-fashioned footwork for raid footage

No conspiracy here: Sky relied on old-fashioned footwork for raid footage

May 20, 2016 2

Sky News says it wasn't tipped off about the raid about to happen -- it just used good old-fashioned hustle.